University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley


Degrees Offered at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Great College Deals: Master of Public Administration Online.

The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley offers a complete range of bachelor’s and graduate degrees in both traditional and online formats. Students enrolled at UTRGV have the benefit of learning resources, tools, and technology available to help them succeed in their educational and career goals. Course programs at UTRGV are carefully designed to prepare students for real-world outcomes and work-oriented objectives. Whether students are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs, they can expect to learn from top-rated professors in their field of study. UTRGV offers degree programs in all of the most popular and in-demand subjects, including accounting, finance, computer science, engineering, communications, business, marketing, and academic education. A degree from UTRGV comes with the backing and authority of a top regional accrediting commission.

Bachelor’s degrees at UTRGV are convenient, efficient and rewarding. From nursing leadership to aerospace engineering, the subjects available for undergrads to study at UTRGV are diverse and relevant to today’s economy. The degree programs at UTRGV are fully accredited and continuously updated to reflect real-world conditions in the professional fields of each academic discipline. Undergraduate students at UTRGV can choose to take most classes online or in-person, and many courses are available in a fully online format. Whether students enroll in traditional or online courses, they can access the same learning resources as all other students at UTRGV. From library technology to student Web portals, the tools and resources available to students at UTRGV are powerful and adaptive. UTRGV puts the focus on giving students practical skills that can be directly translated to career assets for students after graduation.

UTRGV offers a full range of graduate programs in traditional, online and mixed formats. Earning a master’s degree from UTRGV takes about two years of full-time enrollment to complete and culminates in a capstone research project that is evaluated by professors and faculty. All master’s degrees at UTRGV are available in the traditional in-person format, and several programs are available in online-only format, such as the Master of Public Affairs, MBA, Master of Science in Nursing Administration, and many more. While online learning can be somewhat more challenging than taking classes in person, online students at UTRGV have access to resources designed to help them succeed. Students can take advantage of library resources on the Web portal, or they can visit the campus in person to utilize the huge collection of books and reference materials in physical form. Master’s students can access the various academic journals through the library website by logging in with their student ID and password.

Several doctoral degrees are available for students at UTRGV, including Ph.D.s in physics, psychology and pharmacy as well as a doctorate in education. Doctoral degrees are terminal degrees that require a master’s degree or equivalent prior to four to six years of research under the supervision of a professor. Several doctorates in education are available in fully online format at UTRGV, including Ed.D.s in educational leadership and in curriculum and instruction. Online doctoral students have access to the same learning resources, tools and technology as all other students. Professors can be reached during scheduled hours by email or by appointment to help students with projects and research. A doctoral degree from UTRGV is valued by employers in a wide range of fields, especially the education system. Graduates of the doctorate in education programs at UTRGV have many employment opportunities in school administrations across the country.

About the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

UTRGV is one of the newest universities in the state of Texas. It was created in 2013 through an act of the Texas state legislature. It is the first large-scale public research university created in Texas in the 21st century. The large campus spans the Rio Grande Valley, near Brownsville, McAllen, and South Padre Island. The first class of students at UTRGV was enrolled in 2015, and the first class of the School of Medicine at UTRGV was enrolled in 2016. UTRGV offers a wide array of student services for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in degree programs. Since 2015, the Chess Club has offered students a chance to learn and compete in one of the world’s most intriguing games. Students can study abroad during the school year or schedule a trip during the summer. On-campus housing is available for students who wish to live in close proximity to their classes.

The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley Accreditation Details

UTRGV is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCC), a regional accrediting commission that evaluates universities across a broad range of dimensions. UTRGV is accredited to award bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as professional certificates in a number of subjects. Regional accreditation qualifies UTRGV to award degrees in many disciplines. In contrast, national accreditation requires each discipline to be accredited separately. The SACSCC is a rigorous and selective accrediting commission that requires institutions to be detail-oriented and consistent in their operations. Accreditation must be renewed every 10 years.

University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley Application Requirements

Incoming students must submit an application by February 1 for priority admissions and by May 15 for late admissions. The priority admissions deadline for the spring semester is November 1. Freshmen must submit their ACT or SAT scores along with their GPA scores with their applications. High school transcripts must contain information about class size, rank, diploma and GPA. Transfer students and graduate students must include a college transcript with their applications. Applications are reviewed by administrators and evaluated based on test scores, community involvement, career goals, and several other key criteria.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs at UTRGV are approximately $1,500 per semester for resident students and $3,200 per semester for out-of-state students. The cost for undergraduate and graduate students is approximately the same. Financial assistance is available for all students who can demonstrate financial need. Students who wish to apply for assistance can submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive grants and subsidized loans. Scholarships and work-study programs are available to all students through Student Financial Services at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.