Top Management Doctorate Careers

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Program, Department Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Leadership Development Portfolio Manager
  • Property Manager

Today’s doctorate in management is an extremely powerful tool in getting a management job of choice. There are plenty of vocational directions one can take with this degree, but for this piece, we will focus on those more directly management-oriented. Here are five great jobs made available by the doctorate in management.

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1. Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive officers, or CEOs, represent the highest order of the management position in most organizations. These top management officers make sweeping decisions on company brand, future engagements, broad policy, and more. They can also have an authoritative say in nearly any other happenings within the business they head. To be a CEO, one must be ready for the pinnacle of responsibility and, in most cases, yield with an advanced degree such as the Ph.D. in Management.

2. Program, Department Manager

Beneath a CEO typically lies an organizational arrangement that separates the company into distinctly individual areas of operation. Within this common structure are the department managers who head all of the staff and operations within their respective departments. Examples of differing departments often include human relations, operations, public relations, research and development, and finances. Program managers also work with and sometimes from within any of these departments and take charge of a specific initiative of some kind.

3. Management Analyst

Management analysis is the study of management and how to improve it. Those who perform this job are known as management analysts or management consultants. The goal of those in this position is to consult with and help to improve the management approaches being used in any number of client organizations. To do this, the analyst will analyze how a company manages and then provide feedback and advice as to how to improve or even maintain that approach. While some are able to procure this position with a slightly lower degree than that of the Ph.D., it is one that generally pays handsomely and is currently on track for a 14% increase in growth through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Leadership Development Portfolio Manager

A leadership development portfolio manager is a management expert who usually works with a company’s human resource department to refine and encourage different areas of leadership in employees. This professional assesses and modifies employee training methods, creates initiatives and projects, and works with HR and many other areas of the company in a variety of ways to improve leadership and its culture. Workers in this role need to be passionate, driven, and flexible in order to be the best.

5. Property Manager

A property manager is someone who is responsible for the entirety of a rental operation. Property rental and management companies all over the US manage apartments, townhomes, residential houses, commercial, and even industrial spaces. The property manager is the top manager handling rents, tenant relations, policy, property upkeep, legality and code compliance, and more. This professional also typically manages a group of subordinate workers and their daily activities: maintenance workers, housekeepers, outside vendors and contractors, and many others.

Management is a fantastic and ever-growing field to work in. A highly-revered degree such as the Ph.D. of management assures its holder of the very best possible job opportunities in this sector. The five above-mentioned careers are just a handful of the many made attainable with a doctorate in management today.