5 Careers for Nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor prepared nurses play critical roles in the medical field. Today, they are bombarded with tremendous responsibilities. Like doctors, they are becoming specialized and are gaining advanced training and education. Here are five careers for nurses with bachelor’s degrees.

1. Hospice Nurse

At the end of life, many individuals require help maintaining comfort and a high quality of life. A hospice nurse provides care for terminally ill patients and works in nursing facilities, private residences, or hospice care environments. In this career, a person must have a high level of compassion and have the communication skills necessary to deal with patients and their families. To become a hospice nurse, a person must complete a mixture of classroom learning and clinical training. Although a bachelor’s degree is often accepted by medical institutions, many nurses pursue further certifications.

2. Director of Nursing

A director of nursing supervises a staff of nurses and keeps them up-to-date regarding all policies and procedures. This person is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and training a nursing staff. To fulfill this role, a candidate must have a solid authoritative personality. Since this professional stocks a medical facility with supplies and is responsible for all equipment, a director of nursing must be organized. Communication skills are necessary to deal with a facility’s HR department, upper management, and the nurses. A bachelor’s degree is required so that a candidate has the technical knowledge necessary to complete all administrative and management duties.

3. Case Manager Nurse

Besides clinical responsibilities, certain nurses are responsible for evaluating new patients and developing individualized healthcare plans. These are the roles of case manager nurses. Similar to the duties of social workers, these nurses act as advocates for patients’ safety and commonly find employment in health insurance agencies, hospitals, and nursing homes. Also, RN case managers update care plans and teach patients and their families how to fulfill these plans.

To achieve work in more prestigious facilities, many case manager nurses pursue higher degrees and certifications. Bachelor prepared nurses will have experience in quality assurance and supervisory roles.

4. Obstetrics Nurse

An obstetrics nurse provides care to women throughout pregnancy and birth. This professional often works in hospitals or doctor’s office settings and is usually part of a larger team of caregivers. This job requires good listening skills, and an OB nurse must follow directions well. It is essential to have patience and a detail-oriented personality so that patients feel relaxed. This type of nurse prepares and assists in delivery rooms, cares for infants after birth, and teaches new parents how to care for their babies.

A registered nurse interested in this field must obtain experience in obstetrics. Bachelor prepared nurses may work in a hospital maternity ward or become a doula. A bachelor’s degree and certification is necessary to meet requirements for most medical facilities.

5. Critical Care Nurse

As the medical field becomes filled with advanced technology, the role of critical care nurses has become more important. To provide top care, critical care nurses must effectively deal with life-threatening conditions. These nurses usually work in intensive care hospital units or emergency departments. Critical care nurses monitor the care of patients and intercede in situations that require immediate action. Since these professionals often deal with life and death issues, they must help patients and their surrogates make crucial medical decisions.

Most hospitals hold a bachelor’s degree as the minimum education level allowed for critical care nurses. Thanks to a shortage of nurses in this country, many facilities offer attractive bonuses to ICU nurses who are willing to continue their education and achieve a bachelor in nursing degree.

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When a nurse hold a bachelor’s degree, it is possible to gain employment in a variety of fields. The above jobs are just a sampling of possibilities available to a nurse with advanced education and training. A degree opens the door to exciting opportunities, which helps an individual provide a higher level of care to those in need.