5 Great Sources for Creative Writing Prompts

Sometimes, even the most creative individuals need a starting place to really let the creativity flow, to engage with their characters, and to write a truly amazing story. When you’re looking for a creative writing prompt, you don’t just want the same old things that you’ve seen over and over again. Instead, you want something different. Whether you’re looking for a new twist for a story that’s gone a little stale inside your head or you simply need that critical starting place, these five sources for creative writing prompts will be sure to give you the start you need.

1. A Writer’s Life for Me Feed on Instagram

If you’re looking for an excellent source for unique prompts, A Writer’s Life for Me is a great place to get started. From unique scenes unlike any you’ve imagined before to new characters, dialogue prompts, and more, this Instagram account is a treasure trove of ideas that are just waiting for you to dive in and start writing. As you browse through these prompts, there’s sure to be something that will catch your creative fancy, get you started writing, and allow you to produce the story you’ve been waiting for.

2. The Fake Redhead Writes

The Fake Redhead Writes is an excellent source for snippets of dialogue that come from sarcastic, snappy characters who bloom in your mind’s eye the moment you read those lines. In just a handful of words, The Fake Redhead offers the potential for an amazing story with characters who already have life even before you begin to breathe it onto the page. With dozens of prompts to choose from, including a great library of seasonal prompts that will be sure to help you celebrate every coming season, this is a great source for all your quick writing needs–especially if you have a taste for adventure stories with slightly sarcastic main characters.

3. Kill the Cliche

If you’re fascinated by fantasy writing, there are plenty of tired cliches that quickly become frustrating to deal with in your stories. Now, imagine turning those cliches on their head and doing something completely different from what the audience expects. Use the cliche to your advantage. From a main character who actually lives after speaking their last words–instead of dying and leaving everyone else scrambling to figure out what to do about it–to an evil stepdaughter instead of the evil stepmother, Kill the Cliche is a great source of writing prompts that allow you to turn everything you think you know about fantasy worlds on its head.

4. Promptuarium

At Promptuarium, you’ll find a variety of short, sweet prompts designed to give you just enough information to set your creative mind to work. It’s a great source for prompts that don’t sound like prompts. You’re not trying to work dialogue that doesn’t sound like your character into their voice or transform your scene into something completely different with these prompts; instead, you’re watching the scene come alive around you with your own characters and scenarios.

5. Now Novel

One of the most difficult parts of the creative writing process is refining your natural skills. You can be a wonderful writer, but if you never challenge yourself, your ideas will never have time to grow. At Now Novel, you won’t just find creative writing prompts. You’ll find scene prompts that are mini lessons, allowing you to refine your craft and become a more successful writer.

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There’s nothing like a good writing prompt to get those creative juices flowing. By checking out these sites, you’ll discover plenty of opportunity to stretch your creative writing skills, break down writer’s block, and get your fingers moving across the keyboard. In fact, by the time you’re done, your biggest problem may be that you have too many ideas!