20 In-Memoriam Scholarships

Thousands of in-memoriam scholarships have been created across America to celebrate special people’s lives by giving free college money to the next generation. Community foundations, professional associations, and universities are often bequeathed funds from individuals or couples to name scholarships in their honor after they’ve passed. Some memorial scholarships are also raised by families whose loved one has died unexpectedly to carry on their spirit. Whether they gift $500 or full tuition, in-memoriam scholarship programs will generally have set eligibility criteria that aligns with the dear departed’s passions, hobbies, and personal characteristics. Below we’ve outlined 20 noteworthy scholarship memorials to begin your search for higher education financing.

Exploring the Top Memorial Scholarships

1. Ashley Stevenson Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: March 13th

Named for the 20-year-old Texas A&M student and Susan G. Komen intern who died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism in 2014, the Ashley Stevenson Memorial Scholarship awards $3,000 yearly to ambitious high school seniors or college freshmen from Texas. Qualified winners will attend an accredited two- or four-year U.S. institution full-time, show academic effort with a 3.0 GPA or higher, actively engage in philanthropic endeavors, display Ashley’s benevolent character, and have financial need.


Ashley Stevenson Memorial Scholarship

311 N. 7th Street

Wolfforth, TX 79382


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2. Bonnie Tiegel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline: May 31st

Managed by Scholarship America, the Bonnie Tiegel Memorial Scholarship Fund bestows $2,500 annually to five college undergraduates to honor the late CBS Television producer who worked on Entertainment Tonight for 20+ years. Chosen applicants age 17 or older will be attending accredited, four-year U.S. institutions full-time with majors in journalism, broadcast journalism, communications, or radio and television. Other in-memoriam funds include the James Madison Memorial and Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarships.


Bonnie Tiegel Memorial Scholarship Fund

One Scholarship Way

Saint Peter, MN 56082

(507) 931-1682


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3. Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 30th

The Air Force Association (AFA) started the Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship to gift $1,000 in honor of the Under-Forty National Director who died in a non-hostile incident in 1996. It’s intended for active-duty Air Force, Air National Guard, or Air Force Reserve officers who are pursuing master’s degrees at accredited graduate schools with a minimum 3.0 GPA. To apply, submit an official transcript, letter of recommendation, 600-word personal essay, and proof of admission.


Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship

1501 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22209

(703) 247-5800


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4. Cathy L. Brock Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: January 11th

Returning for 2018, the Cathy L. Brock Memorial Scholarship will provide $1,000 from the Institute for Diversity to honor the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) late Director of Operations. Suitable candidates will be naturalized U.S. citizens, represent an ethnic minority group, already hold a bachelor’s degree, possess a minimum “B” average, and seek leadership careers in healthcare finance. Funding can reduce tuition for MHA, MBA, MPA, and Master of Science in Finance programs focused in healthcare.


Cathy L. Brock Memorial Scholarship

155 N. Wacker Avenue

Chicago, IL 60606



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5. Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: May 1st

Worth $12,000 total, the Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Memorial Scholarship is granted by AMVETS annually in remembrance of the Italian-born U.S. Army Reserves Colonel who practiced orthopedic medicine at the University of Illinois-Chicago until his death in 2004. United States veterans with a high school diploma or GED could win the renewable award for accredited post-secondary education. Applications must feature their DD-214 form, transcript, signed 1040 tax form, and 100-word career goals statement.


Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Memorial Scholarship

4647 Forbes Blvd.

Lanham, MD 20706

(877) 726-8387


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6. Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: December 1st

Honoring 41-time PBA National Tour Title winner who became the first professional bowler to reach $1 million in earnings, the Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship provides $5,000 annually to five United States Bowling Congress Youth members. Eligible bowlers must be graduating high school seniors, gain admission at accredited U.S. colleges, excel in the classroom with a 3.0 GPA or better, exhibit good sportsmanship, and send at least two reference letters.


Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship

621 Six Flags Drive

Arlington, TX 76011

(817) 385-8262


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7. Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: November 15th

The American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing founded the Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship to award $5,500 per year in-memoriam of the UC Berkeley Emeritus Professor who worked for the U.S. Geological Survey and was Director of the ASPRS Professional Practices Division. Interested applicants would be full-time college juniors, seniors, and graduate students in the United States or Canada who are taking courses in surveying or photogrammetry for geospatial mapping careers.


Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

425 Barlow Place, Suite 210

Bethesda, MD 20814

(301) 493-0290


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8. George E. McGuire Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 15th

The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA), Inc. administers the George E. McGuire Memorial Scholarship for $5,000 annually to support African-American registered nurses who are pursuing a Master of Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice. Selected recipients will have a focus on social justice, have been members for 24+ months, have completed at least one graduate semester, attend an ACEN or CCNE accredited institution, and attach two character references.


George E. McGuire Memorial Scholarship

8630 Fenton Street, Suite 330

Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 589-3200


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9. Gina Tirinnanzi Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 10th

Named after the AICP founding member of the New Urbanism Division who lost her courageous battle with cancer in 2010, the Gina Tirinnanzi Memorial Scholarship grants $1,000 from the American Planning Association annually. It’s designed for members who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in urban planning at APA-approved U.S. institutions. Applying will involve crafting an original essay of 2,000 to 2,500 words about pressing topics affecting New Urbanism practitioners.


Gina Tirinnanzi Memorial Scholarship

1030 15th Street, NW Suite 750

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 872-0611


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10. James A. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: February 15th

Valued at $3,500, the James A. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is offered by the American Welding Society (AWS) to honor the driven Charlottean who built National Welders Supply Company into the country’s largest independent industrial gas distributor with over 35,000 clients. Qualified applicants will be at least 18, pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration full-time, work 10+ hours weekly at a welding distributorship, and pursue careers in welding store operations management.


James A. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

8669 NW 36 Street, Suite 130

Miami, FL 33166

(305) 443-9353


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11. Lawrence C. Fortier Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: May 1st

The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) awards $65,000 yearly through nine scholarships, including the in-memoriam fund remembering Lawrence C. Fortier, a New Bedford native and Korean War veteran and who served as the FAA Director of Air Traffic System Requirements Service. Funding is reserved for full- and part-time college students who have completed 30+ credits in pursuit of bachelor’s or master’s degrees in aviation majors at accredited U.S. schools.


Lawrence C. Fortier Memorial Scholarship

1101 King Street, Suite 300

Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 299-2430


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12. Louis F. Wolf, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: May 1st

Offering $5,000 and full registration for the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference in Hollywood, the Louis F. Wolf, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is presented by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers each Spring. It’s ideal for full-time U.S. undergrad and post-grad students who studying engineering science with a focus in motion-imaging, sound, and metadata for film industry careers. Don’t forget to submit a 400-word essay, transcript, and signed letter of recommendation.


Louis F. Wolf, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

3 Barker Avenue, Fifth Floor

White Plains, NY 10601

(914) 761-1100


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13. Margaret Watkins Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: May 1st

The American Brahman Breeders Association offers over $30,000 worth of in-memoriam scholarships each year, such as the Margaret Watkins Memorial Scholarship that honors the past Recording Secretary who was inducted into the ABBA Hall of Fame in 2001. Interested applicants must be active Junior members, be graduating from U.S. high schools, enter an accredited college or vocational school, select agriculture-related majors, and fax three recommendation letters.


Margaret Watkins Memorial Scholarship

3003 South Loop W., Suite 520

Houston, TX 77054

(713) 349-0854


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14. Maria Elena Yuchengco Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: February 24th

Named after the Filipino diplomat’s daughter who helped create Filipinas magazine and the Philippine Studies Major at USF, the Maria Elena Yuchengco Memorial Scholarship awards up to $3,000 from the Asian Pacific Fund yearly. Suitable applicants will have at least 50 percent Filipino ancestry, pursue accredited bachelor’s degrees in journalism, legally live in the San Francisco Bay Area, hold a 3.0 GPA or better, and attach an impressive writing sample.


Maria Elena Yuchengco Memorial Scholarship

465 California Street, Suite 809

San Francisco, CA 94104

(415) 395-9985


15. Pogorzelski-Yankee Memorial Scholarships

Deadline: February 15th

The American Guild of Organists (AGO) honors the legacy of Ronald G. Pogorzelski and Lester D. Yankee by awarding six memorial scholarships worth $7,500 for undergrads and $15,000 for graduate students. Eligible organists must be attending accredited U.S. colleges and conservatories full-time with unmet financial need to study music, music education, or music ministry using an organ. Entrants showcase their talent by recording three songs, including one J.S. Bach composition.


Pogorzelski-Yankee Memorial Scholarships

475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1260

New York, NY 10115

(212) 870-2310


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16. Richard A. Herbert Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 22nd

Celebrating the Bureau of Land Management hydrologist who served as the AWRA West-South-Central Director and won the Icko Iben Award before his death in 1994, the Richard A. Herbert Memorial Scholarship grants $2,000 from the American Water Resources Association yearly. Chosen candidates must be attending an accredited U.S. university full-time for a bachelor’s or master’s degree related to water resources management, including hydrology, Earth science, and environmental engineering.


Richard A. Herbert Memorial Scholarship

4 West Federal Street

P.O. Box 1626

Middleburg, VA 20118

(540) 687-8390


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17. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: January 27th

Ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship is a merit-based program operated by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) to remember two Houston-based auditing supervisors who were fatally wounded in a Pakistan terrorist attack while representing United Texas Petroleum Holdings. Qualified recipients will be taking 9+ credits per term in accounting, finance, business, criminal justice, or financial forensics majors at accredited universities to earn CFE credentialing.


Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

716 West Avenue

Austin, TX 78701

(800) 245-3321


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18. Susanna DeLaurentis Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 21st

Established in 1999, the Susanna DeLaurentis Memorial Scholarship honors a 10-year-old girl who lost her fight with neuroblastoma as well as her older sister, Lucy, who died of cystic fibrosis on her 29th birthday. For $1,000, graduating high school seniors must have excelled academically to gain admission at accredited U.S. colleges despite facing a chronic disease, cancer, or severe physical/mental health impairment. Applications must include a transcript, physician verification letter, and personal essay.


Susanna DeLaurentis Memorial Scholarship

7616 Mountain Avenue

Elkins Park, PA 19027

(215) 635-9405


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19. Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: March 4th

The National Association of Social Workers Foundation awards the Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship for $4,150 annually to memorialize the licensed NASW staff member who rose awareness of health problems affecting African Americans but passed in 1989 before heart transplant surgery. Selected members must enroll in a CSWE-accredited Master of Social Work program, achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0, have physical/mental health practice experience, and champion for diversity.


Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship

750 First Street NE, Suite 800

Washington, DC 20002

(202) 408-8600 ext. 298


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20. William P. Elrod Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: May 10th

The Technology Student Association honors its founding father, a Madison High School TSA teacher, by gifting the William P. Elrod Memorial Scholarship for $3,500 each year. Deserving applicants must be graduating from member schools, enroll full-time at accredited colleges or technical schools, demonstrate financial need, sustain a minimum “B” average, and express future career goals in technology disciplines. Seniors could also win the Dr. Bob Hanson Distinguished Student Award.


William P. Elrod Memorial Scholarship

1914 Association Drive

Reston, VA 20191

(703) 860-9000


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According to College Raptor, $122.7 billion is awarded through scholarships and grants each year to two-thirds of university students. Although the federal government, states, and colleges themselves are the biggest contributors, around 13 percent of U.S. scholarship funding comes from private donors. Applying for memorial scholarships is an excellent way to learn about the accomplishments of role models while cutting into your tuition bills. Consider pursuing these 20 in-memoriam scholarships to follow in the footsteps of talented leaders and respect their legacy.

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This concludes our review of the best memorial scholarships to make your college experience more affordable.