5 Organizational Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

  • Equality and Leadership
  • Leadership Development in Children and Adolescents
  • Intergenerational Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution from a Leadership Perspective

You have completed the bulk of your organizational leadership degree program. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, that dream career that you have been working so hard towards. Illuminated by that light is the last big challenge you need to conquer, the capstone project. The most difficult part for many is deciding on the topic of this project. Here are five enticing ideas for an organizational leadership capstone project.

1. Equality and Leadership

Some of the best leaders in society and business have been women, of racial minorities, who started in a disadvantaged socioeconomic status, who identify with a minority sexual or gender orientation, and who believe in marginalized faiths. Yet, they still fight a more difficult battle for their earned leadership status. The source and solution for this inequality is a hot topic in organizational leadership right now, and therefore an excellent choice as a capstone project.

2. Leadership Development in Children and Adolescents

That is right, organizational leadership starts early. Children and adolescents who are given guidance on the appropriate ways to enact and comply with leadership are believed to perform better academically and socially. This carries into successful adult careers and personal relationships. Forbes offers an insightful perspective on guiding children and youth towards building a brighter future for themselves and future generations.

3. Intergenerational Leadership

On the other side of the coin is the notion of learning from our elders and allowing them to remain in positions of leadership. In this society so focused on the value of youth, older generations often become ostracized and patronized. They might not be as well-versed in the modern languages of technology and colloquialism, but that does not mean they have nothing to contribute to modern society. There is a powerful, and necessary, a form of leadership which can only come with the wisdom gained through lived experience.

4. Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Leadership

One of the key components of successful leadership is a high level of emotional intelligence. This refers to the ability to appropriately express one’s own emotions and respond to those of others. There is a great deal of research about emotional intelligence and organizational leadership, but more research is needed to fully understand their relationship to each other. This relationship, therefore, holds a great deal of potential for a capstone project.

5. Conflict Resolution from a Leadership Perspective

It is both difficult and easy to imagine a world free of conflict. Difficult in that we are surrounded by a myriad of conflicts every day; easy in those moments of peace, therefore, shine brightly in between. What is not easy is answering the question of how to resolve and reduce conflicts in our various organizational systems. One thing we know is that it begins with strong leadership by those with good intentions. Parsing out the roles of leaders in conflict resolution, and what is currently missing from those roles, would make a valuable capstone project.

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Organizational leadership is a highly relevant field of study right now, as most of our society’s systems are hierarchical. Good leadership is therefore essential for the success and health of all individuals and systems. Organizational leadership capstone project topics such as these five will help students contribute meaningfully to the field in addition to fulfilling one of the final requirements for graduation.