5 Careers For Theology Graduates

Theology graduates have many opportunities to make a difference in the world. How they make a difference depends on their chosen career path. As The Guardian points out, respected people such as Martin Luther King Jr. started with a theology degree and made a major positive impact on the world. The following are a few of the top career options for driven theology graduates.

1. Organization Leader

Some people choose theology as a major but have a cause that they are passionate about. For example, someone may want to be a spiritual leader but also help families of people with terminal medical diagnoses. Such an individual could become a leader of a religious organization that raises money, funds treatments and provides assistance to such families. Organization leaders have the opportunity to be the voice for an organization, oversee its success and contribute to its growth through outreach measures.

2. Foreign Missions Leader

From setting out on a solo journey in a remote part of the world to leading youth missions groups in third-world countries, there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring missions leaders. Although this is not the ideal job for someone seeking a good paycheck, it is a good way to start building a resume and help others. Missionaries are usually paid enough to live on by churches and sponsors. It is a challenging job but is perfect for someone who embraces challenges. Students planning to become missionaries in specific countries should also study applicable languages for those regions.

3. Educator

Religious colleges, high schools and elementary schools often hire teachers with theology degrees. Some institutions may require knowledge in a specific denomination, and some schools may require teachers to be members of a certain church denomination. However, a theology degree affords a graduate a wider range of opportunities in the education field. For graduates who cannot decide between being a missionary and a teacher, there are also foreign teaching jobs in many countries. Since these jobs are often volunteer positions, this is a good opportunity to start building a resume and provide a charitable service.

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4. Author

For those who are better at spreading written messages than verbal messages, becoming a scholar is a good aspiration. Scholars typically earn a master’s or doctoral degree in Bible studies, divinity or theology. With such a degree, a person becomes an authority for writing inspirational books, Bible study guides, religious textbooks, religious research papers and more. Becoming a published scholar may pay very well depending on personal success. Some large organizations hire scholars to write their religious materials. For graduates who want to be remembered for something in history, this is a good career path choice.

5. Minister

Most large churches hire ministers with theology degrees. This is also true of youth ministers. Congregation ministers are in charge of leading the entire church. However, youth ministers are in charge of leading specialized programs for young children and teens. It is best to choose between these two options while in school to tailor class choices based on ministry preferences. While some ministers are paid good salaries, others may only have their living expenses paid for by the church along with food donations or allowances. Theology graduates who become ministers should think about their financial needs carefully when accepting jobs.

From Biblical translation to social work, there are plenty of other opportunities for theology graduates. The first step is learning more about a theology degree program, and the next step is discussing other exciting future job options with a knowledgeable career counselor.