5 Ways Collegiate Sports Positively Impact Your College Years

If you are thinking about signing up for collegiate sports, you will probably get more than you bargained for – in a good way. While being part of a team and getting some good exercise are good reasons to sign up, there are also many other ways that collegiate sports can positively impact your time in college.

1. School Pride and Spirit

Campus life takes on a whole new meaning when you represent your college on a sports team. There is something magical when game day arrives and most of the student body dresses up in school colors to cheer the college team on. Not only does collegiate sports unify students from every walk of life, it also creates excitement and boosts morale. As you compete against other colleges, you develop a sense of pride and loyalty for your school. Even after you graduate, your college spirit will connect you with other fans for the rest of your life.

2. Stress Relief through Fitness

Being active in collegiate sports is a great way to relieve stress. With the pressures of demanding classes, group presentations and difficult tests, having a physical outlet is a tremendous way to burn off steam and redirect excess energy. In addition, participating in sports helps develop the positive habit of lifetime fitness. Since your college education is designed to prepare you for a successful career, consider collegiate sports as preparation to be healthy and successful in life.

3. Positive Memories and Lifelong Friends

In the scope of life, your college years are only a brief segment of time. Making the most of your undergraduate life creates positive memories that will last a lifetime. College athletes have the benefit of being actively engaged in making a difference for their chosen sport. In addition, the friendships made with coaches and other players are ones that are forged in working together as a team. Because you’ve been “through the fire” by competing at the collegiate level, you will have lifelong friends that you can count on for years.

4. Leadership Development

Perhaps more than any class you can take in college, sports has a way of developing well-rounded leaders. For instance, a good athletics program will teach self-discipline, teamwork, time management, persistence, strategic planning, sportsmanship and sensible risk-taking. In the course of four or more years, these leadership characteristics are drilled and developed to become part of who you are. Just like an excellent professor, great coaches can develop tomorrow’s leaders. Is it any wonder why so many college athletes are successful in business once they graduate? In fact, many employers prefer to hire college students who have participated in athletics.

5. Fulfillment and Balance

Many students attend college to study, learn and graduate. While working hard to get ahead is important and noteworthy, there should be a balance between work and play. Collegiate sports offer a fantastic blend of both working hard to achieve something great and playing a game to have fun. After graduation, these lessons are important to remember in your career. Perhaps most of all, participating in college sports will give you a tremendous sense of achievement and fulfillment as you look back at your college years.

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Your college education is a very special time in your life. Making the most of these few precious years can significantly influence your future. When you choose to participate in collegiate sports, you will always look back at your college years and appreciate the memories, friendships and lessons learned along the way. To find out more about your collegiate sports options, visit http://www.ncaa.org/.