What is the Salary Potential with a Master’s in Public Administration?

Master’s in Public Administration degrees come with high salary potential for strong ROI after graduation. For 12 to 26 months, MPA programs instill the upper-level leadership skills needed to manage public or nonprofit enterprises. Public administration master’s are flexible enough to specialize in policy-making strategies in several high-paying fields. According to CBS News, master’s degree holders make 17.92 percent more than bachelor’s grads in general management jobs. Altogether, SmartAsset lists a median master’s income of $69,732 or $1,341 weekly. Entering a whole new pay grade is possible by finishing an MPA easily online while working full-time. Below we’ve highlighted some sample MPA careers with their salary potential recorded from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Administrative Services Manager

Administrative services managers are responsible for improving office operations by supervising clerks, setting project goals, monitoring facility upkeep, and overseeing record systems. In return, they’re compensated a mean yearly wage of $103,380, or $49.70 per hour. The majority, over 21,000 administrative services managers, work in local government for a median $98,810. State government agencies pay slightly less at $89,100. The top-paying states are New York with $132,420, New Jersey with $131,430, and Rhode Island with $124,570 averages.

Urban and Regional Planner

Urban and regional planners are dedicated to creating vibrant communities by drafting land use plans, reviewing development sites, setting zoning codes, and starting revitalization projects. In May 2017, their median annual income was $74,350, or $35.75 per hour. The majority, over 24,500 urban and regional planners, were employed by the local government for $72,550. The federal executive branch paid much more at $95,390. The most lucrative states were Washington DC with $99,520, California with $89,350, and Nevada with $83,130 averages.

Emergency Management Director

Emergency management directors often have master’s in public administration degrees to lead civilian safety initiatives, prevent threats, respond to disasters, and allocate response resources. Their median yearly salary potential is $81,140, or $39.01 per hour. The majority, over 5,000 emergency management directors, work for local government organizations at $74,010. The 200 federal workers received a whopping $149,710 mean. The best-paying states are California with $125,750, Washington DC with $120,330, and New York with $100,640 averages.

Elected Legislator

Elected legislators couple apply their master’s in public administration degree to better constituents’ lives by advocating policy changes, enacting laws, passing budgets, and negotiating fair deals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded a May 2017 average wage of $46,350 per year. Most elected legislators, over 47,000, are voted into local government for a $45,900 mean. The best salary potential comes in state offices at $51,250. Top-paying states are presently New York with $90,670, Colorado with $67,330, and Washington with $66,710 averages.

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Political Scientist

Political scientists are accountable for enhancing government relations by researching partisan issues, studying foreign policies, tracking market trends, and performing voter opinion surveys. Currently, this master’s job delivers a median annual income of $115,110, or $55.34/hour. The majority, over 3,100 political scientists, are employed at the federal level for a $123,020 mean. Nonprofit advocacy organizations pay much less at $83,790 overall. The most profitable states are Maryland with $124,590, Virginia with $122,610, and Washington DC with $118,260 averages.

Post-grads often mistakenly believe that MBA programs are the only track to big paychecks in management. However, many public administration jobs pay handsomely with a good hiring outlook. For instance, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for administrative services managers will rise 10 percent by 2026 for 28,500 openings. Average salary potential in other master’s in public administration careers includes $133,385 for public relations directors, $105,601 for contracts administrators, $121,930 for regulatory compliance managers, and $193,800 for quality control executives.