5 Websites for Public Administrators

  • GovGirl
  • ASPA National Weblog
  • The Policy and Internet Blog
  • Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research
  • Govbeat

The top blogs for public administrators help them learn about changes in the field and stay up to date with government policies. Public administrators have some of the same duties that academic administrators do, but they work in public settings. Many of these professionals work in agencies for the state and local government and need to understand the policies used at the federal level. The top blogs and resources can provide them with everything they need.

1. GovGirl

Though the name GovGirl might make some think this blog is only for female readers, it’s a useful blog for anyone who works in public administration. Kristy Dalton worked as a web manager for her local government and has a strong understanding of technology. She created the blog as a way to talk about her experiences and to share her opinions and thoughts with others. Though some posts are lighthearted and cover topics like funny moments in history, other posts will make readers think and help them develop their own opinions on important issues.

2. ASPA National Weblog

APSA National Weblog is an online resource for administrators run by the American Society for Public Administration. It includes links to other resources and sites run by the same organization, which can help readers learn about issues affecting them at home and at work. Leaders working for government agencies and public organizations across the country often contribute to the site and write original pieces. Their work covers topics ranging from what police departments need to do to how readers can get health insurance.

3. The Policy and Internet Blog

One of the blogs that administrators might find interesting is The Policy and Internet Blog. Though the authors are in the United Kingdom, they share pieces that will resonate with readers living in any country. They typically post at least two new pieces of content each month. The articles often focus on how public policies compare to those on the web. Readers learn how the policies they use in their daily lives may not apply to what they do online.

4. Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research

Though not a blog in the traditional sense of the word, the Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research offers an online resource that can get readers thinking. Between 2009 when the journal started and 2019, it published more than 130 articles created by professionals doing research into current policies and issues that affect those working in public administration. Each issue is available online and includes search tools for those looking for specific articles or authors. The site includes an option for those who want to view all articles in an issue too.

5. Govbeat

The Washington Post has a long history of investigative journalism and authors willing to do whatever it takes to get to the heart of a story. This publication now owns and operates Govbeat as a way to address policy issues at the state and local levels. These stories come from newspapers across the nation and cover subjects such as marijuana laws passed by some states and the minimum wage laws in different areas. Govbeat makes it easy for readers to view articles from their cities and states.

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Public administration can work in advocacy positions and for nonprofit organizations that want to pass new laws, but they can also work for government agencies at the local or state levels. They can find out more information about those policies from the above blogs for public administrators.