Top Marriage and Family Counseling Podcasts

  • Marriage Sucks
  • The Couple and Family Therapy Podcast
  • Foreplay: Radio Sex Therapy for Couples
  • YouTube Lectures with Dr. Diane Gehart, LMFT
  • Imago Relationship Therapy

Marriage and family counseling is both challenging and rewarding. In a society as diverse and dynamic as ours, it is also constantly evolving. One great way to stay current and passionate about your field is through listening to podcasts for marriage and family counselors. Here are five accredited options covering a variety of topics.

1. Marriage Sucks

Most people do not enter couples counseling at the height of their marital bliss. Only when couples and counselors acknowledge the inherent challenges of marriage can they work together to overcome them. Marriage Sucks is a great podcast for accomplishing this goal. It brings the worst parts and possibilities of marriage out in the open, robbing them of their destructive power. This is a Christian-based podcast, making it excellent for counselors working with religious clients looking for a faith-based approach to marriage counseling.

2. The Couple and Family Therapy Podcast

The Couple and Family Therapy Podcast is produced predominantly for students and alumni of the Couple and Family Therapy Program at Antioch University Seattle. The host is Program Chair, Dr. Kirk Honda. This is, therefore, a great podcast for future counselors deciding which programs to apply to. However, the expert information presented is helpful and accessible to all marriage and family counselors. There are many episodes dedicated to covering the major themes of this field, making it an excellent study tool for students and refresher for seasoned counselors.

3. Better Conversations on Money and Marriage

Money is an essential aspect of all marriages and many heated discussions can be averted if both partners are in agreement with these elements. With both partners earning paychecks in most households, topics such as unnecessary spending, budgeting and financial planning are likely to be discussed often. Derek and Carrie host the Better Conversations on Money and Marriage podcast and offer sound advice regarding finances and married life and even share their monthly budget.

4. YouTube Lectures with Dr. Diane Gehart, LMFT

While these YouTube Lectures are not technically counseling podcasts, they function much in the same way. Diane R. Gehart, Ph.D., also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, offers video lectures on a wide variety of topics for couples and parents. The one thing that any of them have in common is a focus on mindfulness and meditation, providing counselors with coping mechanisms that clients can use between sessions and beyond the scope of counseling. She also provides videos on the process of getting licensed, making her lectures great for students.

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5. Imago Relationship Therapy

Produced by the American Counseling Association, Imago Relationship Therapy provides a full background and training on this revolutionary approach to couples counseling. It is hosted by the highly educated and experienced Susan Hammonds-White, EDD, LPC/MHSP. In the end, she also offers the steps for becoming a certified Imago therapist for those who are particularly inspired by the podcast. There is a discount on the price for American Counseling Association Members.

These counseling podcasts are not only great for counselors, but clients will also enjoy listening to them. They provide fresh perspectives for counselors, an enjoyable way for couples and families to continue their progress outside of sessions. These podcasts make perfect companions for commutes and long drives, as they are sure to leave you feeling more confident and enlightened with each episode.