Master’s in Counseling: Five Great Career Opportunities

  • Resident in Counseling
  • Director of Emergency Services
  • Behavioral Therapist
  • Nursing Director
  • Specialty In-Home Counselor

For those interested, there are many career opportunities for individuals with a master’s in counseling. So, in which types of vocational directions can this particular degree program send the graduate? Whether it specifically be counseling career opportunities you are looking for or something a bit off the beaten path, here are five great examples of the options made available with the successful completion of this degree.

1. Resident in Counseling

A resident in counseling is a professional who works as a counselor or assistive therapist exclusively for the resident patients of a particular organization. Group homes and rehabilitation centers are examples of such resident-accommodating facilities. Here, the counselor will work primarily to address matters of resident psychological needs and safety before those issues become worse or create additional issues of concern for the patient and/or facility.

2. Military Therapist

While serving in the military, active duty service members can find themselves experiencing any number of stressors. Being away from family and the home life,  being involved in regular situations that are dangerous, and the demands of the job and rank are among just some of the potential stresses faced by this population. Consequently, most military bases staff therapists specialized in treating military members and their particular strains. The military therapist is that professional, and reaching this position often requires a master’s in counseling.

3. Behavioral Therapist

Behavioral therapists work with patients, much like in other types of counselor roles, but most often with the specific focus of therapeutic intervention methods to help those with intellectual disabilities or other, similarly constraining psychological disorders. According to Psychology Today, this specific type of therapeutic approach is a comprehensive endeavor administered by a behavioral therapist or similar professional and is aimed at anyone “who either is in need of help but refusing it or is otherwise unable to initiate or accept help.” Autism is a leading subject of this approach and many behavioral therapists’ efforts today.

4. Director of Counseling Services

In many large-scale counseling enterprises, there are enough counselors and staff to call for some all-encompassing organization and management. This position of the director of counseling services is much like that of the office manager of a doctor’s office, managing and overseeing all of the administrative, behind-the-scene duties necessary to keep primary business services running efficiently. Planning, meeting management, procedural changes, office area upkeep, records management, budgeting matters, and many other duties rely on this professional every day.

5. Specialty In-Home Counselor

Some in the counseling sector work as specialized, in-home counselors of various types. In-home counseling is offered by any number of organizations today, from medical practices and rehabilitation centers to churches and community assistance programs. Those treated by this kind of mobile counselor include the elderly, those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, special needs children and adults, those who are substantially at risk for mental health issues, and many others. The counseling offered here is much the same as others commonly seen but with the exception of being offered in mobile and specialized, focused form.

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A master’s in counseling is truly a great option for those wishing to help others and be highly successful themselves in the vocational sense. As populations grow and the knowledge of individual conditions expands, so too will the general demand for those able to work in this sector. These five above-mentioned counseling career opportunities are among some of the great, potential career opportunities with a master’s in counseling to be found today.