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Welcome to Great College Deals, the #1 free online resource guide for finding up-to-date advice on affording a high-quality college education. Our mission is to provide high schoolers and other prospective college students with information about top-ranked universities offering accredited degrees at competitive tuition rates. We’re dedicated to turning students into smart shoppers who can avoid having overwhelming loan debt at graduation.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a degree face-to-face or online, you’ve come to the right place for discovering the best deals. Our experienced staff is focused on highlighting regionally accredited colleges offering quality education with below-average net prices. We’ve compiled several rankings to recognize colleges granting excellent financial aid packages for a solid return on investment (ROI). Within our website, you’ll find only affordable associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs giving you a great bang for your buck.

Along with featuring the best college deals, we’ll guide you through affording every aspect of your post-secondary journey. Our website includes comprehensive lists of scholarships and grants, which provide free gift aid that won’t need to be repaid. Check back often for new infographics, featured articles, and FAQs concerned with affording a college education.

Did you know? Some interesting facts about affording college:

• Undergraduate students pay an average of $15,022 at public universities and $39,173 at private non-profit colleges each year. Tuition prices rose by 39 percent from 2003 to 2013 after adjustment for inflation.

• In 2012, 71 percent of students (1.3 million) graduating from four-year colleges have student loan debt, which averages $29,400. Average student loan debt has increased by 25 percent since 2008.

• 85 percent of beginning, full-time undergraduate students enrolled at four-year U.S. institutions are receiving financial aid. Financial aid packages given had an average worth of $8,170.

• College students earned $123.8 billion in grant aid in 2015. Around 41 percent of this grant money was awarded directly by colleges and universities. The Federal Pell Grant can also provide up to $5,775 per year to financially needy students.

Don’t keep stressing over the rising costs of college tuition. Our website provides information about real money-saving opportunities. We invite you to start exploring our homepage to make certain you’re getting the greatest value from your education!

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