5 Job Opportunities with a Degree in Women’s Studies

A degree in women’s studies can align one to be job-ready in any number of valuable careers today. Having completed this program of study, you’ve undoubtedly gained many valuable skills and learned all about this modern matter of ideology, concept, history, culture, and ethics regarding women and their advancement. If this pertains to you, and you are now interested in some of the job options this knowledge now opens up, read on. Here are five examples of job opportunities to be had by graduates with a degree in women’s studies.

Professional Advocate

There are many organizations and private groups that advocate for women’s rights and advancement as a matter of daily profession. As an operation, such a group will often employ any number of different types of employees. For those wishing to specifically advocate for women’s rights and status, a professional advocacy position within such an organization may be the perfect fit. As a professional advocate, one can expect to run media and campaign drives, step in to help with specific situations close to the cause, and respond to pleas for assistance within the community.


Another way in which to put those women’s studies skills to use is through professional writing. Although a degree in literature and English-based arts is more appropriate in most writing venues, the women’s studies degree will indeed open some big doors here. Venues in which women’s topics are much more prevalently covered or written about will ultimately value this degree the most. Other venues, such as the newspaper, may cover a broad range of topics, but also cover women’s issues specifically by way of features or special sections.

Social Worker

Social workers deal with those in the community that need help or some form of guidance or resource assistance. Because many of the clients that reach out to, or in some way, depend on social workers are in fact women, a degree that specializes in the knowledge of women’s studies can be very useful here. Help those in financial and vocational need. Assist those who have suffered domestic abuse or violence. Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, and many others depend on the daily presence of these professional social workers.


Some graduates have a predisposition for spreading the word and professing the knowledge that they know and hold dear. For those that find themselves fitting this particular mold, the career path of a professor may be a great choice. Professors of college subjects involving women’s studies, sociology, culture, suffrage, social work, and many other, related subjects are well served by the backing of a women’s studies degree. A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is typically the very least accepted here however.

Legal Assistant

One would generally assume that virtually all workers in the legal field are there by way of a law degree of some sort. While this may be true in many cases, sometimes a degree in women’s studies can be just the right ticket in. Many law firms and even separate organizations utilize legal counsel for matters of women’s interests specifically. Many of these arrangements will gladly accept the holder of a women’s studies diploma into a number of important positions. The legal assistant is one of these and a position in which the worker will act as an attorney’s assistant in handling all different types of ongoing legal matters.

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Women’s studies prepare the graduate with a unique set of skills and understanding not often imbued by other degree programs. Graduates of such programs are therefore uniquely aligned to excel in any number of important vocations. These five options are just a few of those job opportunities afforded by that valuable, women’s studies degree.