5 Wonderful Podcasts for CRNAs

  • From the Head of the Bed
  • Beyond the Mask: Innovations and Opportunities for CRNAs
  • Slice of Healthcare
  • HEALth Practitioner Show
  • Grace Under Pressure

Certified registered nurse anesthetists work in a high-pressure, highly satisfying job-setting that is continually evolving. The only way to keep getting better at one’s job is to never stop learning. This is especially important within a field as dynamic as nurse anesthesia. One of the best ways to stay current in this field is by listening to podcasts for certified registered nurse anesthetists. Here are five informative and entertaining options.

1. From the Head of the Bed

Named after the signature station of the nurse anesthetist, From the Head of the Bed is the ultimate podcast for anesthesia professionals. Producer Jon Lowrance holds a master’s degree in nurse anesthesia. He loves practicing, but his true passion is teaching. He created this podcast in order to provide an enjoyable way for members of the anesthesia community to supplement their academic studies. Episodes last about an hour and cover a wide range of topics. Jon provides information for all sources cited so that listeners can trust the knowledge and pursue more of the same.

2. Beyond the Mask: Innovations and Opportunities for CRNAs

Nurse anesthetists looking to wake up their careers a little more will enjoy listening to Beyond the Mask: Innovations and Opportunities for CRNAs. Industry experts Sharon Pearce and Jeremy Stanley created this podcast to provide professionals with information about current issues and cutting edge discoveries in the field of anesthesia. This is a great podcast for those looking to dive into a specialty or engage in a unique project. New episodes post weekly and last about half an hour. Each episode features a guest host with advance knowledge and experience in the topic.

3. Slice of Healthcare

Nurse anesthetists belong to the broader field of healthcare. It is, therefore, crucial for them to remain informed about the latest news and technology of the industry. Listening to Slice of Healthcare is a great way for nurse anesthetists to stay connected to the greater healthcare community. Each episode features a different topic hosted by a healthcare professional who has the corresponding expertise. New episodes post weekly and last about 30 minutes.

4. HEALth Practitioner Show

Dr. Johnetta Miner knows that healthcare practitioners above all others should both practice and preach a holistic healthy lifestyle. This includes engaging in regular self-care routines. She created the podcast HEALth Practitioner Show to provide healthcare professionals with the tools and inspiration for leading the healthiest lifestyle possible. Listeners can apply this information to their own lives and share it with their patients. Nurse anesthetists face a great deal of work stress and work with patients who are in the greatest need of holistic healing. This podcast is no longer turning out new episodes, but there are several hours of episodes to enjoy.

5. Grace Under Pressure

Nurse anesthetists students benefit from having someone to relate to. Seasoned nurse anesthetists benefit from returning to the basics once in a while. Grace Under Pressure is therefore a great listen for everyone in the anesthetic nursing community. Grace D. started this podcast during her nurse anesthetist studies as part of a project, but she found that her listeners enjoyed it so much, she decided to keep it going. The focus of the podcast is assisting nurse anesthetists of all levels in the continuation of learning throughout their entire careers.

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Each of these podcasts for certified registered nurse anesthetists offers something unique. They approach the field from different angles, cover a wide variety of topics, and provide listeners with unique benefits. What they all have in common is that they are so entertaining, listeners will forget they are learning. This podcasts offer the ideal pathway to remaining current in the field and living one’s nurse anesthesia career to the fullest.