5 Prime Podcasts on Hospitality Management

  • Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast
  • Hospitality Academy
  • BookGreener for Hotels
  • Hotel Interactive Radio
  • The Lodging Leaders Podcast: Powerful Business Strategies for Hospitality Professionals

Hospitality management is an expansive field with a myriad of challenges. A professional in the industry is well served to access innovative information and creative insights, including from podcasts. The following five hospitality management podcasts top the list of podcasts covering this field.

1. Fuel Hotel Marketing

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast is hosted by Stuart Butler. This podcast quickly became one of the most popular podcasts for those involved in the hospitality management industry. Each week, the podcast takes on a new, crucial issue associated with marketing. The podcast focuses on presenting vital information in a readily accessible and entertaining manner.

2. Hospitality Academy

Hospitality Academy is hosted by seasoned hospitality management professional Susan Pannozzo. Pannozzo has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality business. Also, she has worked at all levels and in different positions within the hospitality industry. On Hospitality Academy, a wide range of topics are presented. These include everything from guest experience to staff training. Discussions of technology are included in the lineup as well, tech issues being considered primary in the industry today, according to Forbes.

3. BookGreener For Hotels

The sustainability movement is taking the travel and hospitality industries by storm. An ever-increasing number of patrons are interested in sustainable travel, green accommodations, and so forth. The industry has been steady in responding by expanding green options and opportunities consistently for the past five years. BookGreener for Hotels is the sterling podcast design to inform and educate on the meeting of hospitality management and sustainability. Leaders in the realm of travel and lodging sustainability issues are guests on the podcast.

4. Hotel Interactive Radio

Hotel Interactive Radio presents what is now considered one of the leading sources of information centering on “this week in hospitality.” The podcast is associated with the Hotel Interactive News website. The website itself includes a myriad of other important, reliable resources for people in the hospitality industry, including women and men in management roles. The combination of what is presented through the podcast and what is available at the site truly creates a powerful resource for a professional in hospitality management.

5. The Lodging Leaders Podcast: Powerful Business Strategies for Hospitality Professionals

Jon Albano, the founder of LodgingMetrics, is the creator and host of The Lodging Leaders Podcast. Albano brings over 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry to the podcast. The podcast covers issues that range from interior design to building consistent sales to fostering a positive team culture. The podcast features an array of highly experienced guests.

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A person intent on succeeding in the hospitality industry can never stop seeking opportunities to learn more and expand horizons. This can be accomplished through networking and ongoing career enrichment programming. Tuning in to one or another of these hospitality management podcasts can be valuable in achieving this objective.