5 Personality Traits of Finance Majors

The predominate personality traits of finance majors make them uniquely qualified to enter the field they are studying. In order to succeed in the financial industry, one must demonstrate certain innate skills and characteristics that allow them to fulfill their appointed duties. Here are five personality traits commonly found in finance majors.

1. Natural problem solver

According to Forbes Magazine, there are multiple career options for finance majors, but each of them requires great problem solving skills since these professionals deal with complicated issues, such as retirement savings, stocks, corporate finance, and banking. The concepts associated with these issues can be unnerving for those who lack the ability to piece together solutions and plans of action. The potential for volatility within the financial industry also requires a certain level of problem solving in order to survive the ups and downs. Being able to study several pieces of a particular financial puzzle and figure out how to put those pieces together in a way that makes sense is one of the most important personality traits of finance majors.

2. Analytical

Analysis plays a significant role in the daily life of someone in the financial industry. While a natural tendency toward being analytical is common among finance majors, these students can hone their analytical skills by practicing scenarios that are representative of situations that could occur during the course of their future careers. Still, the innate ability to think logically in order to make sense of the large amounts of data with which they will be presented is one of the key personality traits of finance majors.

3. Born leader

Leadership is a key element of a finance career, so students who wish to pursue careers in the field tend to be natural leaders who know how to motivate a team to get the job done. Aspects of leadership, including great communication skills, the ability to successfully manage projects, and being able to work with a team, are all evident in the most successful finance majors. Leadership is typically one of the most noticeable personality traits of finance majors since that characteristic is usually displayed in every area of the person’s life.

4. Confident

Because they will need to make important decisions that can affect large numbers of people once they enter the financial industry, people who are inclined to major in finance tend to be very sure of themselves. While this can manifest itself in the form of arrogance in some cases, the most successful finance majors typically maintain a certain level of humility that will allow them to make decisions with other’s best interests in mind. When it comes to majoring in finance, confidence is key.

5. Self-motivated

Even before they begin their careers, finance majors must cultivate an intense self-motivation that will allow them to successfully complete their studies, secure employment, and then excel in their chosen professions. The ability to work independently and without supervision is a personality trait that will allow finance majors to prove themselves as dedicated students in the present and outstanding employees in the future.

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It is rare to find people who possess all of these characteristics, but the people who can demonstrate them are typically high achievers who excel at almost everything they attempt. Given all of this, it is no wonder that these personality traits of finance majors tend to lead them into successful careers in the industry.