5 Podcasts for Librarians

  • Cyber Punk Librarian
  • Book Riot
  • Public Libraries Podcast
  • Lost in the Stacks
  • Circulating Ideas

A librarian can spend some time during their commute, breakfast or breaks listening to a podcast that explores relevant topics. Listening to a podcast allows a librarian to stay in touch with research, enjoy some work-related humor and find out what others are doing in their jobs in library science. Each of these five podcasts for librarians could be a good way to spend a little bit of downtime.

1. Cyber Punk Librarian

The Cyber Punk Librarian podcast explores new technology and tools that research librarians can use. The operators of the podcast understand that research librarians may not have a huge technology budget. Their focus is on affordable and free tools. They review browser extensions, apps and more. The Cyber Punk Librarian also examines how to access articles safely without violating copyright when a person hits a paywall or a database that is difficult to navigate.

2. Book Riot

The Book Riot podcast is of more general interest to all types of librarians in all career settings. Some of its episodes include insider news from publishers, interviews of authors and topics of general interest. For example, one of its episodes reviewed the book Marlon Bundo. Another episode took a look at authors in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Book Riot has guest interviews with librarians, publishers, editors, authors and more. It examines all genres of books and offers a fair and balanced perspective on what is new in publishing.

3. Public Libraries Podcast

Librarians who work in public libraries may enjoy tuning into the Public Libraries Podcast. This podcast explores topics and current issues and news that are of particular interest to public libraries. Some of their episodes have included dealing with bedbug infestations in books returned by library patrons whose homes are contaminated. Other topics have included fine forgiveness, community resources and dealing with homeless people who want to use the library but may cause trouble for the librarians and other patrons. Some of the interviews on the Public Libraries Podcast have included providing for the needs of children who have incarcerated parents.

4. Lost in the Stacks

According to Librarian to Librarian, another podcast to listen to is Lost in the Stacks. Produced at Georgia Tech, this podcast combines stories from research librarians with eclectic music. There are weekly updates, and their archive has more than 400 episodes available.

5. Circulating Ideas

The Circulating Ideas podcast is hosted by librarians and library advocates. It explores topics such as how to advocate for libraries and get more resources for them. Librarians share their ideas for increasing public support for library levies and fundraisers. Some of the other topics include how to innovate in a bricks-and-mortar library when so many people seek out digital reading materials and references. Circulating Ideas also looks at how libraries can stay relevant to different populations in spite of the increasing trend for everything digital.

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Each of these five podcasts for librarians offers a different perspective. The guest speakers and interviews also make it easy for a librarian to learn more about the different applications of library science. Spending a few minutes every day or once a week listening to one or more of these five podcasts for a librarian provides an ideal way to get new ideas and stay connected with other professionals in the field.