Will I Need An Internship to Obtain a Degree in Women’s Studies?

Women’s Studies is part of a vast array of humanities degrees offered at many colleges and universities. While an internship in women’s studies is not always necessary to complete your degree, your choice in university and your career goals will ultimately determine if an internship is appropriate or necessary.

Is an Internship Required?

Graduation requirements often vary from university to university, and even program to program. While a women’s studies program at one university may require their students to partake in an internship as a graduation requirement, another program may not. The simplest way to determine if an internship is required for a program that you are enrolled in or considering, would be to contact that program’s department head or point of contact listed on their website directly for more information. You may also be able to find this information in your university’s general catalog.

Skills Earned in Women’s Studies

The skills earned with a women’s studies degree may go beyond the obvious. Graduates in women’s studies may bring with them a wide breadth of skills to the table for potential employers and internships. Women’s studies students may have experience gathering and analyzing data and making decisions based on inferential statistics. Working in groups and alongside professors can help to build project management skills, while the multicultural focus of a women’s studies degree can be translated over to any employer or internship site. Being a humanities degree means that women’s studies graduates have honed their communication and writing abilities clearly and efficiently.

Long Term Goals

The biggest factor that can determine if an internship is recommended or necessary has to do with what your goals are upon graduation. Unlike a degree in engineering or chemistry, women’s studies may not have as clear of career path, but that does not mean that this degree is any less employable. If your goal is to one day work as an advocate for women, or as a counselor working with women who have been through trauma, chances are that you will need to apply to a graduate program in counseling or social work. Such programs may require or recommend an internship in a related area prior to applying. If your goal is to work within human resources a local business, an internship may not be required, but may set you apart from other applicants applying to the same job.

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Reasons to Consider an Internship

Internships provide clear experience for students seeking to enter the workforce. Whether paid, or unpaid, that experience may yield a job in the future, a reference letter in the wake of a job, or positive work experience, all of which can be used to expand upon your resume when the time comes to seek employment. Even if an internship in women’s studies is not required to complete your degree, if you have the means to pursue one, you may find yourself in a better position when seeking employment than if you did not complete one at all.