5 Information Technology Blogs

The pace of digital technology evolution is breathtaking. Various websites deftly manage the daunting task of tracking and explaining the latest devices and programs designed to improve various aspects of life. Information technology specialists, businesses and other consumers interested in technology news often turn to these popular blogs.


A highly regarded technology website, TechCrunch is one of the leading sources of quality information about the Internet, gadgets and industry news. The website covers established firms and startups. In addition to articles related to Internet portals, the blog also provides reviews of new tech products. The online publisher honors innovative technology and the top startups during its annual Crunchies award ceremony. TechCrunch Disrupt is a conference hosted by the company each year in several cities around the world. During this prestigious event, startups take the center stage where they explain and demonstrate their products and services to potential investors.


Formerly known as Wired News and HotWired, Wired.com is an award-winning online technology news website. The organization hosts several blogs that cover topics like Internet security, information technology, new products and video games. One of its most popular blogs is GeekDad, which targets fathers interested in gadgets, culture and science. The blogs are a daily guide to some of the most comprehensive stories related to the impact of innovation on the tech sector. Wired.com offers unique commentary, hands-on tutorials and authoritative reviews. The site bestows annual Vaporware Awards that honor products, which were promised but never introduced despite major marketing campaigns.


Another leading source of online information, Gizmodo.com is a design and technology blog. Part of the Gawker Media network, the organization generally covers tech gadgets and related news, but it also covers general interest topics. The site provides tutorials and informative buying guides. Gizmodo provides a thought-provoking look at inventions and innovations that shape the world around us. From breakthrough science to smarter designs, the blog explores the way people see, feel and interact with these new products and concepts. The blog is directed toward an adult audience, and its articles appeal mainly to young adults interested in technology-related information.


A worldwide multi-platform media and entertainment company, Mashable.com covers the latest technology news, science, gadgets and other interesting topics. The site also provides informative Internet user guides. Established in 2005, Mashable.com has been described as the definitive purveyor of news and information related to social media. As a one-stop resource, the blog also delivers digital culture and entertainment content to its influential audience. The website sponsors the Mashable Awards in several categories, including Best Web Video, Best Mobile Game and Entrepreneur of the Year. The company hosts Mashable Connect, an annual invitation-only conference, to discuss the role of social media.


An online publisher of tech and Web development news, The Next Web provides articles and information related to a wide range of technology subjects. The primary focus is topics related to business, culture and technology. It also provides personal development courses. The blog caters to a burgeoning cross-generational audience that is looking for information and personal connections. The site has insightful articles about technology as well as human-interest stories and extraordinary events in the business world. Blog topics include tech gear, apps, creativity and money. The company sponsors the annual TNW Conferences, which are held in Amsterdam and New York.

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These popular tech blogs keep abreast of the latest news and information. This enables visitors to know what changes to expect in programs, apps, devices and information technology services in the near future.