What Can You do With a Theology Degree?

For those interested in professionally working with matters of religion and belief systems on a regular basis, theology degree jobs offer some great opportunities therein. So, what types of jobs can one attain with a theology degree? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

A Discipline Defined

First, let’s consider what theology and a degree in it really mean. Bible.org provides us a straightforward and informative explanation of the concept:

“Most simply put, theology is the study of God. It comes from the word theos which is Greek for ‘God,’ and -ology which is from the Greek word logos meaning ‘word.’ Most literally then the word theology means “words about God” or ‘the study of God.’ If one were to use the term generically, it functions much like ‘philosophy’ or ‘worldview.'”

So, theology is the study of religion, God, and other, similar belief systems. As a result, anyone holding a degree in this discipline will have become keenly aware of these particular concepts and their varying applications throughout society. Having now touched on the definition of theology as well as the accolades resulting from its study, we can dive right into the job possibilities themselves. The following are just a few examples of theology degree jobs today which become widely available to this type of degree-holder.

Director of Mission Services

Many hospitals, schools, and other organizations hold faith and religion as an important part of their framework and overall mission. In such cases, there is often a need then for a central figure at the helm of maintaining that faith-business connection. Enter the director of mission services.

Hospital Chaplain

Chaplain work is about providing a faith-based point of service for those in need. Hospital chaplain work is an exceedingly noble form of that same chaplain work, offered to the sick and those in other concerning medical states. Family, friends, patients, and even other hospital staff can benefit greatly from such a precious presence and service.


Ministers preach the word of God in organized church settings. Theology degrees are often the only collegiate adornments accepted into these important positions. Essentially, this person acts as the representative leader over the entire church.

Teacher, Professor

Once you’ve earned a theology degree, chances are that you possess valuable knowledge that is quite useful to others. This is certainly the case in the classroom. As such, becoming a teach or professor in theology-based subjects or even others is a very realistic way with which to utilize this degree.

Campus Ministry Manager

Yet another opportunity with which to help along future generations is that of the campus ministry manager position. On many Christian college campuses, there is a need for organization in the various staff that work with and aid students. The campus ministry manager acts as that valuable, central character, making sure that all efforts here are synchronized and working together for the maximum spiritual and educational benefit of the attending students.

Theology degrees are all about the professional side of religion, personal beliefs, and the concept of God. For those considering earning this degree, know that the opportunities to apply it directly are great. If this sounds like you, an entire world of great theology degree jobs awaits.

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