Colorado Christian University


Degree Programs at Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Great Deals: Bachelor’s in Theology and Christian Studies Degrees Online.

Colorado Christian University offers degree programs for graduate students and undergrads, but it also has completion programs for adults and dual credit options for high school students. Those students can take one class and earn credits towards both their high school diplomas and college degrees. Its adult learning programs include both Associate of Arts and Associate of Science programs. Both options allow students to finish their degrees in only two years or less at the same time that they handle their personal commitments and work obligations.

With 30 full degree programs to choose from, undergrads can easily find one that works for them. The pre-med program is quite selective and includes courses in anatomy and biology. Students develop a strong foundation they will need in medical school and when they finally work with patients. A computer information systems program features courses on computer languages and software development. Some of the other majors that undergrads can select include history, business administration, outdoor leadership, and psychology. Minors for those students include church leadership and camp management. The university also has a program that lets students take prerequisites before working on a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Colorado Christian University offers 12 degree programs for graduate students. The special education program focuses on teaching and working with students who need more support, while the educational leadership program looks at the role of leaders in schools. Both of these programs require that students have an educational background and some experience teaching. The university offers a business administration program for those who want to work in business or own a business and a public administration program that includes similar courses but focuses on running nonprofit groups.

In addition to all these programs, the university has some online programs designed for adults and other types of learners. These programs include associate degrees in communication studies, psychology, health care administration, and nonprofit management and bachelor degrees in criminal justice, human resources management, accounting, and psychology. There are also online graduate programs available in fields such as counseling, public administration, educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, and theological studies. Students can take online classes without working on a degree and sign up for certificate programs in fields that include cyber defense, project management, and online teaching and learning.

About Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is a private university in Colorado established in 1914 as the Denver Bible Institute. The institute became so popular and large that a local citizen stepped in and purchased a new location and donated it to the school for a new campus. This school would quickly grow and later become Denver Bible College in 1945 when it added four-year degree programs. Also known as Colorado Christian College and Rockmont College, it did not become Colorado Christian University until 1989 when it merged with a nearby Christian college. Often called CCU today, it offers educational programs with an emphasis on Christian education and liberal arts studies.

CCU was one of the only schools given a high rating by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni for its core curriculum, which consists of courses in seven different fields. The university asks incoming students to sign a lifestyle covenant that states they will follow the rules of the school, including attending religious services each week and acting in certain ways when away from the campus. Those caught breaking the covenant risk expulsion or suspension. All CCU students must agree to do up to 180 hours of community service before they graduate too.

Colorado Christian University Accreditation Details

Though CCU is a Christian college, it sought regional accreditation rather than the religious accreditation that similar schools have. It earned that accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and can now grant federal funds to students seeking financial aid. The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and other organizations granted accreditation to the university for its programs in music, nursing and counseling too.

Colorado Christian University Application Requirements

CCU has a preferred admissions program that provides students with scholarships and other perks. Those students must submit an application and receive an acceptance letter from the university. They will also need to put down a $150 deposit by the first of December to qualify for this program. Other prospective undergrads can apply via the online application, but there is a separate application for adult undergrads. Most undergrads will submit the application and pay an application fee through the website. They can then submit their test scores and transcripts. Certain online programs will not accept students in specific states, which is why students should check those requirements before they apply.

The CCU website has an application for graduate students too, which allows them to create their own unique passwords and usernames. They’ll use that information each time they log in and when they check on the status of their applications. Many programs ask for a resume to determine if the student has enough experience for that program, but others ask for either references or letters of recommendation. Students may also need to attend an interview or submit test scores and/or samples of their college work.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads pay a little more than $31,000 a year to attend CCU. This includes the fees charged each semester and the tuition rate for full-time enrollment. The cost for room and board can reach more than $11,000 a year, but the total amount depends on where the student lives and the meal plan that he or she selects. Adult students pay between $469 and $569 per credit hour for undergrad programs. Graduate students pay similar rates for their classes. Students taking classes on military students and those in the military can take undergrad courses for a reduced rate of $250 per credit hour.

The university recommends that students paying for their classes set up a payment plan before the semester starts. Any student who submits the FAFSA may have the option of borrowing money from the federal government and getting free financial aid such as grants. Some scholarships come directly from the university, including a trustees scholarship that awards students $15,000 a year. Students enrolled part-time or full-time in any of the Colorado Christian University degree programs can qualify for a financial aid package.