20 Best Deals: Small Colleges for Social Types

The following is a ranking of the 20 Best Deals on Colleges for Social Types.


In constructing this list, we selected from a group of colleges with a lower net price than similar institutions of this size and social-life focus area. We awarded points based on the presence of diverse student-run social organizations, an active Greek life opportunity, lively ongoing campus festivities, generous financial aid packages, and any additional distinctions that add value to the highly social student. The 20 colleges profiled below scored the highest among schools with a net price (per College Navigator) of $30,000 USD or less. The following is designed to serve as a guide for social-types seeking the best return on investment in their small college education.

#20 - Rhodes College

Memphis, Tennessee



Points: 10
Enrollment: 2,054
Net Price: $28,615

Rhodes College, of the lively city of Memphis, Tennessee, is a small academic community with plenty of joining opportunities for the social type. It boasts over 80 campus organizations. Greek life at Rhodes is also thriving, with 14 fraternities and sororities who are active in party hosting, volunteering, school fundraising, and other types of event planning. Rhodes College keeps tuition low by offering students a wide range of ongoing available work-study and scholarship opportunities. All student applicants are considered for financial aid based on a variety of individual needs.

#19 - Centre College

Danville, Kentucky



Points: 10
Enrollment: 1,387
Net Price: $24,855

Centre College of Danville, Kentucky is a campus filled with exciting joining opportunities for the social type. Over 96% of the student body participates in academic organizations, competitive athletic teams, student government, Greek life, and more. Centre is highly encouraging of collaboration in community service, and 85% of the students volunteer regularly either in the immediate area or abroad. Centre College has extensive financial aid packages to offer in the form of scholarships, grants, and work-study arrangements.

#18 - Westminster College

New Wilmington, Pennsylvania



Points: 10
Enrollment: 1,307
Net Price: $21,635

Founded in 1852, Westminster College is a small, social college community with a great combination of Greek life, church-related organizations, and over 80 other clubs to join. This college’s fraternities and sororities are family-like teams of students dedicated to fundraising for the school and local charities. Westminster also has two radio stations, a television station, and three student-run newspaper publications for the social type seeking media-related groups to work with. Westminster College offers generous range of scholarship options to students who display superior academic or musical talents.

#17 - Culver-Stockton College

Canton, Missouri



Points: 10
Enrollment: 1,014
Net Price: $17,991

Culver-Stockton College of Canton, Missouri, has a campus life that draws a diverse range of incoming students who love to socialize. In addition to the wide selection of clubs and organizations, this school has an energetic Greek life that consists of five fraternities and three sororities. While the Greek events and parties are main attractions, all brothers and sisters maintain a solid academic standing of no less than 3.4. For students looking for non-Greek teamwork, Culver-Stockton also has an all-inclusive intramural sports program that features fun games including dodgeball, indoor soccer, flag football, basketball, and softball.

#16 - Lafayette College

Easton, Pennsylvania



Points: 11
Enrollment: 2,503
Net Price: $27,019

Lafayette College, founded in 1826 in Easton, Pennsylvania, is a small and lively liberal arts college perfect for the social type student. This college is home to a vast array of student organizations that include Greek communities, academic clubs, sports teams, performing arts groups, and more. Lafayette is committed to welcoming all cultures, orientations, races, religions, and other backgrounds into the campus social community. The nearby town of Easton is an energetic scene full of socializing opportunities off campus.

#15 - Wake Forest University

Winston Salem, North Carolina



Points: 11
Enrollment: 7,788
Net Price: $25,826

Wake Forest University of North Carolina is a campus filled with activity for the social student. From Greek life to sports to activism, this college encourages collaboration among the student body. The college sponsors 28 fraternities and sororities, and membership involves over 45% of the student body. While Greek life exists to socialize and have fun, there is a one-semester waiting period for students to settle into their studies before pledging. Non-Greek social opportunities include dance, yoga, intramural sports, and plenty of other special interest clubs.

#14 - Wellesley College

Wellesley, Massachusetts



Points: 11
Enrollment: 2,323
Net Price: $21,216

Wellesley College, a women's liberal-arts college right outside of Boston, Massachusetts was founded in 1870, and remains one of the most selective and highest ranked colleges in the nation. The small, close-knit campus community lends to socializing and creating lasting bonds from day one. This college does not have sororities, but does sponsor over 150 organizations that grow and change in response to the interests of the student body. Some of these organizations encompass environmental efforts, musical performance, culture, intramural sports, political activism, and more.

#13 - Hampden-Sydney College

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia



Points: 12
Enrollment: 3,108
Net Price: $29,533

Hampden–Sydney College, a liberal arts college in Virginia, was founded in 1775 and is one of the oldest all-men’s college in the nation. For the social student, there are exciting opportunities to connect with other students. This college hosts a range of clubs spanning athletics, music, honor societies, religion, politics, and the outdoors. Additionally, HSC has eight social fraternities made up of approximately 30% of the student body. In the past academic year, Hampden-Sydney College was able to offer over $31 million in scholarships, grants, loans, and other forms of aid for incoming and current students.

#12 - Depauw University

Greencastle, Indiana



Points: 12
Enrollment: 2,215
Net Price: $29,523

Recently ranked the #10 Party School and #1 in Greek Life by the Princeton Review, DePauw University is an excellent choice for the social type. This college has over 100 campus organizations to select from, among them intramural sports, musical theater production, charity fundraising efforts and more. DU has a long history of Greek life, with 25 fraternity and sorority chapters that have members from more than 70% of the student body. DePauw University has a long list of available scholarships and financial aid packages for every student.

#11 - Wofford College

Spartanburg, South Carolina



Points: 12
Enrollment: 1,658
Net Price: $24,731

Located on a scenic 175-acre campus in the city of Spartanburg, Wofford College of South Carolina is a well-respected academic institution with a bustling campus social scene. Students may choose from over 80 student organizations to join, some of which include religious groups, musical performance, athletics, student government, journalism, politics, and more. WC also recognizes 14 fraternities and sororities, with 42% of men and 53% of women participating. All incoming students are considered for merit-based scholarships, and Wofford College has more than $47 million annually to distribute in tuition aid.

#10 - Florida Southern College

Lakeland, Florida



Points: 12
Enrollment: 2,670
Net Price: $23,395

Florida Southern College, a private liberal arts school, was recently ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. The outdoor social scene at FSC is perfect for the social type who enjoys canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and other fun activities in the sun. This college has over 80 other student organizations, 12 fraternities and sororities, and a variety of campus ministries that welcomes people of many faiths to join and practice. FSC also has impressive community service teams, with students clocking in over 32,000 hours of work as volunteers.

#9 - Transylvania University

Lexington, Kentucky



Points: 12
Enrollment: 971
Net Price: $23,093

Transylvania University, founded in 1780 in Lexington, Kentucky is one of the most respected liberal arts schools in the country. The tight-knit academic community and lively campus life is ideal for the social-type student. Greek life is one of the most popular traditions, and 53% of the student body belongs to a fraternity or sorority. Additionally, there are over 100 student-run organizations where socializing and collaboration occur over many different shared interests. These interests span athletic intramurals, arts, community service, media, and cultural diversity.

#8 - Millsaps College

Jackson, Mississippi



Points: 12
Enrollment: 842
Net Price: $21,661

Millsaps College, a small southern college in Mississippi, is a well-respected institution recently ranked among Colleges that Change Lives in Fiske’s Guide to Colleges. This school will be of interest for social types due to its blend of campus-supported activities. For those interested in joining the Greek life, Millsaps has four sorority and six fraternity chapters, all committed to building friendships through event hosting and community service. Millsaps College additionally sponsors 75 student organizations spanning special interests including politics, athletics, health, music, psychology, and more.

#7 - Denison University

Granville, Ohio



Points: 13
Enrollment: 2,278
Net Price: $29,412

Denison University, of Granville, Ohio is a small academic community with a tight-knit social environment. The Greek community at DU receives a great deal of support from college faculty, and students are encouraged to both grow individually and collaborate as brother and sisterhoods. For the social type seeking non-Greek ways to connect, Denison is home to over 175 student organizations that are certain to appeal to almost any interest. This college offers a range of merit-based and scholarship opportunities to meet the tuition needs of students of all backgrounds.

#6 - Albion College

Albion, Michigan



Points: 13
Enrollment: 1,268
Net Price: $24,906

Albion College was founded in 1835 in rural Michigan, and has a proud history of providing a balance of academic and social opportunity. This college is a member of the Great Lakes Association and Michigan Campus Compact, organizations that encourage students to collaborate and engage in charity volunteer work. Albion also has a diverse Greek community, with six fraternities and six sororities that offer a wide range of social and leadership roles for the student body. This institution works closely with students on tuition aid, and in the 2014-2015 academic year alone, Albion offered over $24 million in scholarships and grants.

#5 - Colorado College

Colorado Springs, Colorado



Points: 13
Enrollment: 2,067
Net Price: $24,141

Colorado College is a small liberal arts college that is known both for its excellent academics and highly social campus life. One of its best offerings is the Collaborative for Community Engagement, where students can match their individual interests with like-minded groups and activities. The student-run organizations at CC include opportunities spanning fashion, environmentalism, sports, performing arts, culinary clubs, and more. Colorado College is home to an active Greek community, with a diverse selection of fraternities and sororities who both socialize and contribute to the local community.

#4 - Wabash College

Crawfordsville, Indiana



Points: 13
Enrollment: 2,670
Net Price: $23,395

Wabash College, an all-men’s liberal arts college in suburban Indiana, is known for maintaining a long standing tradition of student brotherhood. With a student body of under 1,000, social type students will quickly bond with others while participating in a variety of WC activities. Wabash has a generous budget of over $400,000 dedicated solely to funding student interest organizations. More than half of the Wabash community is a member of a fraternity, and Greek life is celebrated at this school for both its social opportunities and commitment to ongoing charity outreach.

#3 - Lyon College

Batesville, Arkansas



Points: 13
Enrollment: 712
Net Price: $14,510

Lyon College of Batesville, Arkansas was founded in 1872 and is the oldest independent college in the state. Though located rurally, social types will have plenty to participate in on campus, given its 40 student clubs and five Greek organizations. Lyon also has a Campus Ministry Program and some of the nation’s most beautiful camping, caving, and hiking locations to explore. This college has recently ranked among U.S. News and World Report’s "Great Schools, Great Prices" due to its high value campus life at affordable tuition.

#2 - Allegheny College

Meadville, Pennsylvania



Points: 14
Enrollment: 2,023
Net Price: $27,773

Allegheny College of Meadville, Pennsylvania is home to a small, highly social student body that is known for its diverse campus activities. This college community plays an active, collaborative role in administrative, recreational, curriculum, and other matters affecting the student body. Its over 100 organizations include a choir, Peace Coalition, an outing club, athletics, and a popular student newspaper called The Campus for the social type seeking to join the journalism crowd. Allegheny College reviews all applicants for merit-based scholarship opportunities to make education affordable for all.

#1 - Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire



Points: 14
Enrollment: 6,298
Net Price: $21,277

Dartmouth College of Hanover, New Hampshire is a lively academic community at a great deal. For the social student seeking activities, this college has over 350 campus organizations that include Greek societies, clubs, and sports. There are 16 fraternities and ten sororities to select from, and the Dartmouth Greeks have an upstanding reputation in community service to local hospitals and health centers. Non-Greek campus social opportunities include 17 cultural groups, 30 special interest organizations, 25 performing groups, and many others to appeal to a wide range of social types.

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By GCD Staff
Published November 2016