Health Informatics Career Opportunities

  • Health Informatics Director
  • Nursing Informatics Specialist
  • Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Electronics Medical Records Keeper
  • Health Informatics Consultant

Health informatics is one of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare, and there are many career opportunities with a Master’s in Health Informatics. The healthcare industry is focused on providing the best possible healthcare to patients, and health informatics plays an important role in this industry. Health informatics uses computer science and information technology to monitor and manage healthcare records in ways that allow healthcare providers to improve healthcare. It deals with the storage, retrieval and collaboration of health information. Here are five career opportunities with a Master’s in Health Informatics.

Health Informatics Director

Health informatics directors oversee teams of information technology professionals and are in charge of ensuring they are properly trained. The health informatics director also communicates with stakeholders regarding any necessary changes in technology protocol as well as any issues and challenges there might be. They also address any problems in the system that may be mentioned by physicians and other medical personnel. Health informatics directors earn annual wages ranging from $140,164 to $172,733 with an average annual wage of $153,226 as of a December 2018 report by

Nursing Informatics Specialist

Nurses play an integral part of a healthcare system because they are the ones providing constant care to patients while also performing their administrative duties. Because of the high level of knowledge and expertise that goes into nursing, many healthcare facilities are searching for RNs who are trained and experienced in informatics. The nursing informatics specialist works with the nursing staff and trains them on recording keeping protocol, reducing inaccuracies in patient care plans and the importance of technology in patient care. Nursing informatics specialist is one of the most popular of the many career opportunities with a Master’s in Health Informatics. Nursing informatics specialists earned an average annual wage of $85,843 with wages ranging from $66,192 to $116,290.

Chief Medical Information Officer

Although the job duties of a chief medical information officer can vary from one organization to another, their main responsibility is to ensure the information management team run smoothly in all departments. They also ensure that patients are receiving the highest quality of care while utilizing various information systems. The chief medical information officer may also design software applications, conduct daily analysis and participate in many IT governance tasks. They work not just in hospitals but also government agents and academic settings. The average annual wage for chief medical information officers is $149,970.

Electronics Medical Records Keeper

One of the major components of health informatics is the transfer, storage and retrieval of medical records. Electronics medical records keepers are the medical professionals with the responsibility of converting the records to digital format. They assign codes to patient data and input all the patient information into the company’s database, including medical history, symptoms, diagnosis, conditions, appointments and treatment. They also train others on the art of electronic medical records and ensure the patient records are accurate and secure. Since the Affordable Care Act mandated that medical professionals need to convert to electronic medical records, this is an in-demand job. These professionals earned an average wage of $37,110.

Health Informatics Consultant

The health informatics consultant has many job duties, including updating networks, installing new software, troubleshooting and monitoring computer systems, installing new software and training staff members and teams. They also consult with other department heads regarding the system and any possible changes it may need. The health informatics consultant manages the company’s computer database. This position does offer areas of specialization, and the responsibilities and wages can vary depending on the specialization. However, health informatics consultants generally earn about $80,000 per year.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations should experience a job growth of 18 percent during the decade of 2016-2026, which should result in about 2.4 million new healthcare jobs being created by 2016. These jobs should provide excellent career opportunities with a Master’s in Health Informatics.