5 Highest Paying Careers in Computer Programming

  • Web Developer
  • Software Application Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst

Computer programming is a field that offers the possibility of many lucrative careers. Being a computer programmer involves more than just coding and writing programs. Computer programmers may be involved in computer software creation, coding, web design, web development and so much more. As a computer programmer, an individual is in the position to not only earn a lucrative career but also do work that’s challenging, rewarding and exciting. Here are five lucrative careers in computer programming.

1. Web Developer

Web developers are the professionals who are responsible for how a website functions and looks. Web developers often also work as computer programmers. They meet and consult with clients to determine the client’s needs so that they may create the best possible website for the client’s business needs. In addition to being proficient at computer programming, web developers are good at coding. To work as a web developer, the individual should have at least an associate’s degree as indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average yearly wage for web developers was $75,580 in 2018.

2. Software Application Developer

Software application developer is another lucrative career available to qualified computer programmers. Software application developers design, create and make modifications to computer applications software and specific utility programs. Like web developers, software application developers determine the client’s needs and develop software apps or solutions to current software problems. They also customize the software with the purpose of obtaining maximum efficiency. They may work independently or as part of a database team. Software application developers with advanced degrees may oversee the work of computer programmers. The average annual wage for software application developers in 2018 was $108,080.

3. Mobile Applications Developer

With the increasing use of and dependence on mobile applications and devices, it’s no surprise that mobile application developers are very much in demand. They also have the potential to earn very high wages. Mobile applications developers develop various types of applications for mobile devices but spend most of their time developing apps for iPhone or Android devices. They must be proficient with programming languages like C#, Java, Swift and similar programming tools. The average yearly salary for mobile application developers was $73258 as of 2018.

4. Computer Systems Engineer

If an organization’s computer system is in need of assistance or upgrading, they often contact computer systems engineers. These professionals work with clients to determine their system needs and work alongside web developers to determine the best solution. They help fix issues involving networking concerns, systems administration or complicated application problems. Computer programmers with a strong background in business often choose this career. Computer systems engineers are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Their average annual wage is $73,992.

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5. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts use their knowledge of information technology and business to help an organization have the most efficient computer system possible and one that meets their business needs. They go over an organization’s current computer system, consult with management to determine their organizational goals and determine how to provide them with the best system. Computer systems analysts develop a cost and benefits analysis so the client can make necessary adjustments. They design a computer system, install the system and monitor it to ensure it’s running correctly. The average annual wage for computer systems engineers is $93,610.

Employment growth for computer programmers is predicted to decline -7 percent during the 2018-2028 decade as reported by the bureau. Despite this projected decline in jobs, computer programming is still a field that offers numerous lucrative careers for the right individual.