What Can You Do With an Economics Degree?

What are economics degree jobs? Jobs requiring this degree deal heavily in economics, the study of markets, supply and demand, scarcity, and other world-changing money concepts. As to the particular roles played by the economics pro, there are countless many. Here is just a small sample of such opportunities in economics to be found out there today.


Today’s economist is the most commonly thought-of economics vocation. Rightfully so, as this professional truly embodies economics down to the core. As an economist, one studies and applies all of the lessons of economics in some particular job environment and for the purpose of the employer. Such places of employment are also quite varied, from banks and other financial institutions to even educational facilities and non-profit organizations. In any case, these economics professionals make a median yearly pay of around $101,050, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Data Scientist

Behind the economist, today’s data scientist is perhaps the next most attributed to the economics degree. In this role, one will essentially use their economics and data-utilizing skills in order to analyze and even solve real world business problems. From video game makers to auto parts distribution companies and many other business endeavors in between, the role of the data scientist in examining business problems and then coming up with viable solutions is considerably in-demand.

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Investment Analyst

There are many companies out there that live and die by the almighty deciding power of investments. While wise investing choices can lead to riches, poor choices here can just as quickly shutter any business making them. As an investment analyst, it’s the specific job of the economics grad to analyze the opportunity costs and future potential of any such deals. There are entry, mid-level, and high-level positions in this type of career with mid-level workers making $60,000 to $70,000 per year.

Market Researcher

As the economics grad would know all too well, markets and their natural equilibriums really do decide everything. Applying the book concept to the real world, the market researcher is the professional keenly focused on this exact subject. Employed by any number of firms or organizations, market researchers are charged with scoping out target markets and then drawing valuable conclusions about those markets. From there, their employer can use this information to form further and more viable business strategy. For those interested, the median pay of this position sits right around $62,560 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wealth Manager

Finally, rounding out our most abbreviated list of economics degree jobs, we have the important role of the wealth manager. This economics pro works with a parent employer and their clients to assure those clients of a bright financial future. Once a client has entrusted their assets and financial decisions to the firm, the wealth manager is then assigned to that client. At the end of the day, a job well-done assures the client of a healthy portfolio and a worry-free financial future ahead.

For those interested, there are virtually countless opportunities in the line of economics jobs and other roles opened by grads of the economics degree specifically. These five options provide just a brief glimpse into this vast field. In conclusion, to find even more resources and information about economics degree jobs in particular, you are highly encouraged to check out the wealth of knowledge found at the American Economics Association.