5 Master’s in Human Resource Management Career Options

  • Human Resource Directors
  • Labor Relations Specialists
  • Training and Development Managers
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers
  • Management Analysts

Master’s in Human Resource Management career options include a broad range of positions ranging from HR directors and labor relations specialists to management analysts and managers. Training and development is another field that is highly popular today for persons seeking HR management careers. All of these careers, which are described below, are in moderate to high demand and provide excellent starting salaries.

1. Human Resource Directors

One popular career option for persons with a master’s degree in human resource management is that of a human resource director. Human resource directors are employed by a large variety of companies, and they are responsible for many important tasks. Some tasks include creating and implementing human resource relations policies, creating recruitment policies, establishing orientation procedures, and ensuring that employment laws are followed closely.

2. Labor Relations Specialists

Also among the most popular Master’s in Human Resource Management career options is to become a labor relations specialist. The main responsibility of labor relations specialists is to compile information for management to use during the collective bargaining process. Other important tasks they are often responsible for include developing labor policies, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, managing grievance procedures, and ensuring compliance with employment contracts.

3. Training and Development Managers

Another great career option for people who have earned a master’s degree in human resource management is to obtain a position as a training and development manager. These professionals are mainly responsible for overseeing employees and developing effective programs that will enhance the skills and knowledge of staff members. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, these careers are projected to grow at a rate of about 10 percent over the next several years.

4. Compensation and Benefits Managers

Becoming a compensation and benefits manager is also a terrific career choice for graduates who possess a Master’s in Human Resource Management degree. It is the job of compensation and benefits managers to develop and implement payment systems and benefit packages for large and small companies. They are also often responsible for analyzing various job roles to determine proper job descriptions for those roles as well as appropriate wages or salaries.

5. Management Analysts

A career option that is growing in popularity and demand today for people with master degrees in HR management is known as a management analyst. Management analysts examine the processes and procedures of businesses and make recommendations for improvement. Recommendations may involve ways that managers can improve efficiency, costs, customer relations, or employee morale. They are also typically responsible for creating procedure and operations manuals for their employers.

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Human resource is a terrific field for people with good people skills, and HR management is perfect for persons who are seeking leadership positions. There are many Master’s in Human Resource Management career options for graduates to choose from, and some of the more popular options are described above.