5 Great Internships in Hospitality Management

  • MGM Resorts
  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Hilton Head Island Resorts Intern Connection
  • Four Seasons
  • Princess Cruises

A considerable number of internships in hospitality management are available in the United States and around the world. Generally speaking, these are paid internships, many of which run during the summer months. There are internship programs in hospitality management that are available throughout the year.

1. MGM Resorts

One of the premier companies in the travel industry, MGM Resorts offers a well-regarded internship program. MGM Resorts offers internship programs at its different lodging properties around the world. The company offers internships at its corporate headquarters. Considered one of the best internships in hospitality management, the MGM program is highly competitive. An interested person can make an application directly to the company. Also, MGM Resorts hosts job fairs at a variety of locations throughout the year.

2. Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney Company offers an array of internship programs through its various operational units, including the Walt Disney Resort. An iconic venue, Walt Disney Resort internships are coveted and oftentimes lead to full-time employment within the Disney Company. Walt Disney World Resort offers an array of hospitality management internship opportunities, including in specialized fields. For example, the resort offers a hospitality management-entertainment tech opportunity through Disney Parks Live Entertainment.

3. Hilton Head Island Resorts Intern Connection

Hilton Head Island is one of the most popular leisure destinations in the United States. A person interested in an internship on the island can access a variety of different opportunities via the comprehensive Hilton Head Island Resorts Intern Connection. Through this portal, an individual seeking a hospitality management internship can access positions at four properties on the resort island. Participants are provided intensive evaluations bi-weekly to ensure that a participant’s objectives are being met.

4. Four Seasons

A premier lodging and resort company, Four Seasons offers internship opportunities the world over. Internships are available to undergraduates and graduates. In addition to providing students hands-on experiences in hospitality management, Four Seasons routinely hires from its internship program for permanent positions with the company. Internships are available in the Four Seasons corporate headquarters as well as at hotels and resorts owned or operated by the company. Although the company accepts individuals seeking business administration degrees in the internship program, there is a strong preference for students seeking a hospitality management degree.

5. Princess Cruises

An exciting internship program is offered by Princess Cruises. These include internship availabilities at the cruise line’s corporate headquarters as well as on individual ships. Princess Cruises has been proactive in establishing relationships with many colleges and universities that offer hospitality management programs. Thus, the company recommends starting at the college or university level to ascertain if an existing connection already exists between Princess Cruises and a particular school.

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A student studying hospitality management is wise to consider one or another of these great internship programs. An internship benefits a person in many different ways, according to Inc. magazine. Also, there are dozens of other quality internship opportunities available to a person desiring a career in hospitality management. Internships in hospitality management can provide a solid foundation for a successful career in the travel, hotel and resort, and associated industries.