5 Great Jobs in Christian Ministry

“Christian ministry is the activity and responsibility of the local church in the fulfillment of its biblically defined mandate in the world.” Bible.org’s definition of Christian ministry is simple and easy to understand. For those interested in an equally direct and simple route to getting involved with this kind of work, there are plenty of great opportunities to do so. Follow along as we highlight just a small sample of the many opportunities to perform ministry work today.

Program Staff Technician

Many ministry efforts include the facilitation of various outreach programs within and even outside of the church’s immediate community. In such programs, program staff technicians are those employed by the church to help orchestrate all of the typical tasks and activities within the program. In such a position, one might work with sports, the homeless, youth groups, camps, and others all while tending to all needs that arise within that program.

Grant Writer

In ministry work, a grant writer is someone who is highly involved with the decision-making and issuing of grants and other forms of financial and resource assistance. Those in need apply or ask for help, and such grant writers, along with other clergy, decide who can be helped and then do so. Aside from just good-natured giving, though, the grant writer here is also often expected to help find and gather funding used in such grants later on.


Larger ministries often find themselves in need of even more specialized workers than those in smaller formats. One position consequential to such aligns is that of the writer. Ministries will utilize these professionals for a whole range of content creation.

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Media Manager

Media is yet another element of the ministry that seems to most typically grow in importance with the growth of the actual ministry itself. In medium and large ministries, media managers are often found managing all of the media used and owned by the ministry. They may work with video and recording equipment, audio systems, musical scores, and other forms of media. In some situations, the media manager takes on the additional responsibility of also managing the IT components of the church and its ministries.

Ministry Director

Last but definitely not least, the ministry director essentially oversees all aspects of any ongoing ministries and then reports back to the church and managerial clergy regarding those efforts. They may work with any of the above-mentioned workers in addition to plenty of others in the ultimate pursuit of effective ministries. In the end, this individual takes the most responsibility for the efficacy or failure of the ministries under their watch.

Ministry work is certainly a very noble form of occupation. Getting involved can take the shape of filling a position like one of those mentioned here or the many others to be found in such work. In conclusion, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is an excellent resource from which to gain even more, great information about Christian ministry as well as the religion of Christianity itself.