5 Careers with a Degree in Creative Writing

For those who want to get a degree in creative writing, your career options are more open than you may think. There are tons of high paying and enjoyable jobs that you may be qualified for. Here are just five of the many possibilities.

1. Copywriter

Copywriting is an extremely lucrative career that involves a lot more creativity than you would think. This is the link between creative writing and advertising. This job involves writing, proofreading, and editing copy. Copywriters work in print and digital media, especially on social media websites. Every business, small or large, has a marketing or creative department, full of copywriters. There are plenty of jobs out there for good, creative writers who are looking to break into copywriting.

2. SEO Content Writer

Writers who specialize in SEO, or search engine optimization, are in high demand nowadays at almost every company. SEO is vital for online marketing and brings in new clients to businesses of all sizes. It combines classical marketing strategies and online savvy. When SEO writing, you are optimizing web content to be more appealing to search engines so it appears higher in search results. SEO writers are basically bloggers who write content to meet a specific client’s needs. Many businesses employ SEO content writers as a part of their marketing team. Though they may not offer SEO classes at your college, your creative writing classes will teach you almost everything you need to know.

3. Educator

Believe it or not, educating the general populous is just as much as a career in creative writing as any other. By teaching other people how to effectively communicate with each other, along with tutoring or mentorships, you are using your own creativity to teach others. This, in turn, can be an extremely fun and rewarding career. So, whether it’s private tutoring or instructing a larger group of people, becoming an educator can be an established career to pursue.

4. Nonprofit Grant Writer

If you have a degree in creative writing, why not use your skills to make the world a better place? Working with a nonprofit can be a fulfilling and fun role. Nonprofit grant writers work to secure funding for nonprofits from various organizations. They write grant proposals and supplemental materials.

As a grant writer, you can work with any sort of nonprofit organization and support a cause you truly believe in. You will need research the charitable organization and effectively communicate who they are, what they hope to achieve, and their financial needs. You would then compile all that information into a well-written and persuasive grant proposal and mail it in. Nonprofit grant writers use their creative skills and their passion to do good in the world.

5. Technical Writer

With it may not sound as interesting to a creative person, technical writing is a growing field. Technical writing involves creating supporting documents and manuals for appliances and other electronics. Your job would be to take complex ideas and technical information and communicate it in a way that is easy to understand. The tech field is on the rise and with that is the need for good technical writers. In this industry, those with a degree in creative writing can shine and make a good living.

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Creative writing majors have a bevy of skills that are beneficial in today’s workforce. Though these jobs may not involve writing the next top selling novel, they will allow you to use your skills and creativity and still make a nice paycheck.