5 Creative Writing Blogs That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Creative writers are always looking for ways to improve their writing skills, attract a wider audience, and improve everything from their dialogue to their query letters. If you’re a creative writer, you know the struggle to find quality creative writing advice from sources that are worth following. You’ve read plenty of great one-time blog posts, but finding blogs worth coming back to over and over again is incredibly difficult when you find yourself critiquing or disagreeing with the advice offered. These five creative writing blogs, however, will keep you coming back to see what they’re going to offer next.

The Creative Penn

The most challenging part of the creative writing process is learning how to sell your work. Every creative writer has a story to tell–sometimes a whole host of stories just begging to get out. Figuring out how to sell those stories to editors, publishers, and readers, however, leaves many authors blank. Enter The Creative Penn. Here, you’ll find plenty of been there, done that advice from a writer who has been through the creative process, the editing process, and the publishing process and is ready to help you navigate those stormy waters.

Dani Shapiro

Dani Shapiro is a storyteller through and through. When she sets pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, it evokes incredible emotion in her readers. This incredible writer has also set out to create a haven for other authors, offering advice, laughter, and an often poignant piece of advice that helps you keep your own stories on track. She’s been down the road of telling her personal story in print and offers insight that will help many authors find their voices as they work through events in their past and share events that happened with family and friends.

The Write Practice

Sometimes, the difference between a day spent in mindless internet browsing and a day of productive writing is a prompt: a simple creative writing opener that will help you push past the writing blahs and get started typing. The Write Practice offers exactly that: advice on storytelling, from specific types of writing prompts to putting basic grammar rules into practice. This stunning blog has developed a huge community of writers who offer one another support, commentary, and more. For creative writers who are hoping to get started, build their portfolios, or just learn a little bit more about the craft, The Write Practice is a great place to begin.

Writer Beware

Creative writing isn’t all fun and games. It’s a field often filled with scams, false promises, and seemingly impossible goals that are constantly out of reach. At Writer Beware, you’ll find information on how to spot a scam, known writing scams, and how to avoid being scammed. Many creative writers, unfamiliar with the traps of the field, dive right in without realizing that they aren’t being offered quite the deal they think. Thankfully, Writer Beware is standing by to help provide insight and keep writers from making dangerous mistakes that can cost them valuable writing time.

Romance University

Don’t let the page’s title fool you: Romance University isn’t just for writers involved in this specific field. From advice about becoming recognized in the genre to insights into particular types of characters and more, Romance University offers many valuable insights for up-and-coming writers and even established professionals. At Romance University, you’ll learn more about creating that perfect character for readers to fall in love with, how to create a great first impression, and how to make the most of the creative spirit that burns within you.

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When you’re a creative writer, that passion for writing burns within you. By following some of these popular creative writing blogs, you’ll find tips and tricks to improve your craft and make your writing better and brighter. What are you waiting for?