Can You Minor In Women’s Studies?

Minoring in women’s studies may be the best choice for a number of college students. Someone who is searching for a new career will find it interesting to build a resume and CV that includes a number of subject areas. There are many fields where the employee is quite attractive when they have a minor in women’s studies, and searching for a school will become quite important for the future students.

What Is A Women’s Studies Degree?

Women’s studies is the tracking of women’s progress throughout world history. The state of the modern woman has much to do with the woman of the past, and ladies who are studying in the field will find it helpful to learn where women are going in the future. They may take the bare minimum of classes, and they will receive a minor in the field that is quite helpful for their job prospects.

Which Jobs Are Easier To Get With The Degree?

Jobs in health care, advocacy and women’s health are easier to get when someone has a degree in women’s studies, and they will have a perspective on the modern woman that is not present in others. They may have an idea of which field they wish to work in, and they must ensure they have tried to relate their major to women’s studies. The combination of information will be quite useful, and it will produce more empathy that is needed on the job.

How Long Does The Degree Last?

A minor in any field is about a year and a half of work, and the student who is taking classes in the field must ensure they have time in their schedule to get to each course. They will find the courses give them the broadest version of the degree, and they may choose electives that will teach them about a specific topic as it relates to their field. Students may build a class schedule that is quite unique, and they will learn something that may inform their graduate work. Graduate work may enlighten the student that much more, and they may go on to receive another degree in women’s studies purely out of interest.

Preparing For A Graduate Degree

There are quite a few programs in women’s studies at the graduate level, and someone who got their minor in women’s studies may choose to go to school full-time in the area. They may receive a master’s degree and doctorate in the field, and they may choose to teach college with their credentials. Someone who is interested in the area of women’s studies may go on to a think tank that will help them study to topic more closely, or they may go into government work where they will do quite a lot of advocacy on the subject.

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A degree in women’s studies is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning that may occur over the course of many years. Someone who is serious about women’s issues must learn as early as possible about the topic, and they may choose to minor in women’s studies when they have a major in another area. They should tailor their classes to the field within women’s studies they want to go into, and they will enjoy a broader resume that makes them more attractive to potential employers.