What types of careers are available with a Master’s in Philosophy?

Philosophy is a discipline that hones your critical thinking and communication skills, which are critical requirements when seeking careers that are available with a master’s in philosophy. if you are looking for careers with a master’s in philosophy on your resume. Advance training in this field sharpens your analytical skills as you approach tasks from a problem-solving point of view, applying logic and ethical standards along the way. Philosophy graduates are creative thinkers with a strong background in classical thought, and this skill set can be useful in different ways across various fields.

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Teaching Positions in the Academe

The path of least resistance for those holding a master’s in philosophy is the academe. Professorial positions are open in many colleges for philosophy majors to teach courses in their field of specialization or in related fields, including ethics, history and politics. Philosophy majors may also land teaching positions in secondary schools where the ability to present complex ideas in relatable and interesting ways is highly valued.

Administrative Positions in Schools and Colleges

With enough work experience in the school setting and a master’s in philosophy, you can set your sights on administrative or executive positions in public or private schools. Philosophy experts can count on their ability to deconstruct complicated topics, present them to colleagues with the goal of convincing them to make a stand. The problem-solving nature of philosophy courses provides a strong background for managing and directing the growth and survival of these schools.

Lawyers and Legal Assistants

A law degree is the logical progression if you are seeking a career with a master’s in philosophy. You will still have to work on a juris doctor if your goal is to become a practicing lawyer, but paralegal and legal assistant positions provide excellent training if you want to pursue this career path. With your philosophy background, you are well suited for these positions because of your ability to craft persuasive arguments and communicate effectively.

Business Executives

Philosophy graduates gain an in-depth understanding of culture, humanity and society by studying disparate ideas of various intellectuals. A career with a master’s in philosophy could lead to the business world. The ability to re-frame a problem to develop creative solutions is a valuable skill in the business sector where fresh ideas often provide solutions to old problems. With your logical mind, you may have the ability to generate fresh ideas that could be monetized directly for profit.

Outlook for Philosophy Majors

The opportunities are boundless for philosophy majors who can sell their special skill sets to potential employers. With a master’s in philosophy, your professional development could potentially grow in various directions, depending on your area of interests. The academe is no longer the traditional career path for philosophy graduates as many executives in business, technology and law have recognized the analytical and reasoning skills that are common to this group. The broad-based background of philosophy graduates is an asset to many organizations aside from educational institutions. Careers with a masters in philosophy may be with private institutions such as advocacy groups, marketing organizations and law offices, but many will also find their way to government positions such as town administrators, federal investigation and enforcement officers and political leaders in elected or appointed positions.