What is the Career Outlook for History Majors?

For those interested in areas of work that are commonly open to history grads, the career outlook for history majors today is one that is alive and growing healthily. Don’t just take our word for it though. Let’s take a look to some current stats to help illustrate this sunny career outlook for history majors of which we speak.

Markers for Success

Before getting to some examples as to the state of history major job outlooks, it is important to say that the most effective way that we’ve found to measure such outlooks is through tapping the diligence of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS. It is this US government body after all that is responsible for providing us with the ultimate numbers and specs in all matters of the many vocations out there, their outlooks, and other common parameters.

For the purpose of this piece, we therefore attribute our conclusions and individual statistics to the BLS. For the purpose of assigning a grade to the outlook of the field of history jobs in general, we look to a number of common careers within the area. The following four BLS-studied professions in the history arena tell the story quite well regarding the state of the field’s overall outlook.


Our first example of the state of the field comes to us in the form of the curator. Curators are those in charge of managing and administering an exhibit, museum, or other display venue. History curation is a common form of this vocation specifically practiced by history majors. Growth here is steady at around 7% overall, which is quite solid for an admittedly, somewhat niche industry to begin with.

High School Teacher

Another common occupation for many history majors is that of high school teacher. Although most history majors gravitate toward teaching history specifically in this school setting, many find themselves happily employed in other teaching positions in high schools as well. According to the BLS, the outlook for such teachers is steady at around 6% right now. This is a promising figure that is not expected to change any time soon.

Research Assistant

The position of research assistant is one quite commonly filled by today’s history major. A research assistant may work in any number of fields and be tasked with researching any number of types of information. History majors are perfect for such a position because of their critical thinking skills, their known ability to research facts, and even hunt down a sometime elusive set of informational truths. The BLS rates growth in this common employment area for history majors at a steady 6%.

Documentary/Film Editor

According to the BLS, today’s outlook for the documentary/film editor is an impressive 11%. Many history majors are drawn to this area of work for their utilization in the accurate presentation of historic facts and accounts in film presentations. Prior film production knowledge and education are not required of the history major in these areas of film-making.

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There are certainly other career paths that will elicit greater outlook numbers. However, the cumulative outlook for the many work areas opened by majoring in history are more than ample for those following this path. To research even more information on the career outlook for history majors as well as virtually all others, remember to regularly consult the outstanding resources of the BLS.