5 Great Podcasts on Business Administration

  • Innovation Ecosystem with Mark Bidwell
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • Entrepreneur on Fire
  • Mixenergy
  • The $100 Million MBA

When you work as a business administrator, keeping up with industry news and research is important, and listening to podcasts on business administration is an easy way to do this. You can listen to a podcast during your commute, while you exercise or during your coffee break. There are many podcasts out there, and these top five business administration podcasts are definitely worth your time and attention.

1. Innovation Ecosystem with Mark Bidwell

Innovation Ecosystem with Mark Bidwell focuses a lot on leadership. If you want to advance your career in business administration, this is a good podcast for you. Some of the topics explored include innovations in leadership and change in leadership. This podcast has a conversational tone, and it does not come off as scripted. Innovation Ecosystem with Mark Bidwell includes a lot of deep questions for the guests, and their answers are definite pearls of wisdom.

2. HBR IdeaCast

The HBR IdeaCast is a podcast by Sarah Green, who is an editor of the Harvard Business Review. Even if you are brand-new to business administration, you know that the Harvard Business Review is the gold standard for sharing information, research and fresh stories on innovation and leadership. The HBR IdeaCast podcast focuses on interviewing guests. These guests are leaders of all types of business organizations. One episode might feature a tech entrepreneur and the next might include an interview of a Fortune 500 CEO.

3. Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is one of the most popular business administration podcasts. Hosted by John Lee Dumas, this podcast provides you with a new business administration topic every day. John Lee Dumas aims to be as transparent as possible. In that regard, he tells you exactly what his monthly and annual earnings are from various sources of income. He does this as a way to motivate listeners and to demonstrate his success in business.

4. Mixergy

The Mixergy podcast focuses on entrepreneurs and how they fit into business administration. During each episode, Andrew Warner asks the entrepreneur about their success and failures. When you listen to this podcast, you can find out what worked and what didn’t for the interviewee. This gives you the opportunity to implement their lessons into your own career or business plans.

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5. The $100 MBA

In the $100 MBA podcast, listeners learn about best business practices, ethics, success stories and more. This podcast is hosted by Omar Zenhom, who states that his episodes contain no fluff or filler. Technology plays a big role in business administration, and this set of podcasts on business administration includes many episodes on technology. Each episode of this podcast only takes 10 minutes, so it is a good option if you are short on time but want to keep up with what is new in the field of business administration.

Listening to one or more of these podcasts on business administration topics keeps you in the loop about your industry. You may learn something new or get a spark for an idea to try in your organization. When you have a few extra minutes, be sure to tune into one of these top podcasts on business administration.