Top Addiction Counseling Podcasts

  • Counselor Toolbox
  • Inside Addiction Podcast
  • The Addiction Podcast: Point of No Return
  • Love Over Addiction
  • Airing Addiction

Addiction counseling is an important field in the midst of the current addiction epidemic. It is a heavy career, but also a highly rewarding one. Addition and recovery are always changing, so it is crucial for professionals to stay up to date and gain multiple perspectives. These five podcasts for addiction counselors are both informative and inspiring.

1. Counselor Toolbox

Counselor Toolbox is exactly as the name implies, a podcast full of tools to provide clients. Topics are not limited to substance abuse, but rather include every form of addiction. It also provides tools for the mental health struggles that people fight both at the core of and as a result of addictive behaviors. It also provides counselors with professional development advice. Hosted by Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes, this podcast turns out new episodes every three days.

2. Inside Addiction Podcast

The best counselors are those who get to know their populations as intimately as possible. Inside Addition Podcast provides an excellent opportunity to hear in-depth interviews with a wide variety of individuals who suffer from addiction. This podcast sheds light on how dynamic addiction is, reminding counselors that not one treatment fits all. This is a great podcast to share with clients for inspiration and validation that they are not alone in their experiences.

3. The Addiction Podcast: Point of No Return

The Addiction Podcast: Point of No Return is a no-frills podcast full of true stories of addiction and recovery from those who have risen up from rock bottom. Each story ends in success, proving to clients that it can be done. This is also great exposure for counselors to prepare for treating addiction at its most destructive.

4. Love Over Addiction

Addiction counseling is most effective when it includes all of the important people in the clients’ life. They need to understand what their loved ones are going through and fight with them against the addiction, rather than blaming the individual for the addiction. They must learn how to avoid co-dependence and encourage healthy coping mechanisms. Love Over Addiction was created to provide both counselors and clients with tools for bringing loved ones into the addiction and recovery process.

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5. Airing Addiction

For a professional and academic review on addiction and recovery, tune into Airing Addiction. Dr. Romas Buivydas from Spectrum Health Systems conducts half-hour interviews with leaders in the field of addiction on a wide variety of specific subtopics, issues, and treatment practices. This is one of the best counseling podcasts for students, new counselors, and seasoned counselors looking to brush up on a certain topic.

Counseling podcasts are the perfect way for counselors to continue growing professionally and clients to continue growing personally. These five podcasts cover a range of topics in a variety of formats, from academic conversations to moving personal interviews. They make great companions for long drives and periods when inspiration and motivation are running low.