5 Biblical Studies Degrees Scholarships

  • Bethesda Lutheran Communities
  • AFRORA Undergraduate Scholarship for Women
  • Marguerite Young Endowment Fund
  • Presbyterian Student Opportunity Scholarship
  • United Methodist General Board of Higher Education & Ministry Scholarships

Students entering the world of Biblical studies often feel that they carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. They wonder how they will be viewed by the other students and staff at secular institutions, or how they will stay connected to their greater communities at religious institutions. They often feel pressure to contribute significantly to the greater wellbeing of their faith communities. How they are going to pay for their studies should not be one of their concerns. These five Biblical studies scholarships are here to help.

1. Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Lutheran students are invited to apply for the Bethesda Lutheran Communities Scholarship. Eligible applicants will be in their first three years at an accredited institution and hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Bethesda is an organization dedicated to the health and well-being of individuals living with disabilities, so applicants must be able to describe how their future careers will serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Five winners will each receive $3000.

2. AFRORA Undergraduate Scholarship for Women

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America seeks to assist their most underserved collegiate population by offering the AFROROA Undergraduate Scholarship for Women. Eligible applicants will be voting members of the church, must have completed their first year successfully, and must be enrolled for their second year at an accredited institution. Two winners will each receive $1000.

3. Marguerite Young Endowment Fund

Marguerite Young was an avid supporter of theological education with a goal to help foster new generations of positive Christian leadership. The Marguerite Young Endowment Fund was therefore established in her name. Applicants must demonstrate good academic standing and describe a plan for how they hope to utilize their careers to promote wellbeing through Christian ministry. The number and amount of awards vary based on the annual donations to the fund.

4. Presbyterian Student Opportunity Scholarship

The Presbyterian Church of America wishes to support those students with the greatest financial need through the Presbyterian Student Opportunity Scholarship. Applicants must be attending their sophomore, junior, or senior year at an accredited university, and they must be enrolled full-time. They must be actively participating in a church or campus worship program, as the application consists of essay questions designed to be completed with a mentor. Awards total $2000, and several are given annually.

5. United Methodist General Board of Higher Education & Ministry Scholarships

Students who are members of the United Methodist Church are invited to apply for the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education & Ministry Scholarships. These awards total between $500 and $2000, and one application automatically screens for every award each applicant is eligible for. There are a wide variety of awards, including need-based and merit-based awards, and awards designed specifically to assist students of minority populations.

Among these Biblical studies scholarships is one designed for every undergraduate student setting out on this path. In addition to financial support, they provide opportunities for students to think deeply about their chosen careers. They also encourage deeper relations with one’s faith.