5 Popular Podcasts for Certified Nurse Midwives

  • The BIRTHFIT Podcast
  • Birthful
  • Progressive Parenting
  • Doing it at Home
  • Student Midwives Association of Canada

Podcasts have become very popular sources of news, entertainment and education in recent years, and there are many excellent podcasts for certified nurse midwives. Certified nurse midwives are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). Their specialized training and certification allow them to provide prenatal and postnatal care to pregnant women, women who have just given birth and newborn babies. They must have extensive training and education to do their jobs good, and podcasts can be very beneficial for learning new medical trends. Here are five great podcasts for certified nurse midwives.

1. The BIRTHFIT Podcast

The BIRTHFIT podcast is a very informative podcast for nurse midwives, but it’s also so much more. While it does talk a lot about pregnancy and birth, it also talks about fitness and ways to stay healthy during the pregnancy and post-delivery periods. Midwives share work experiences, discuss educational training programs and provide information on birth educators and advocates. This is not just a podcast for certified nurse midwives because it also offers valuable information for parents and those about to become parents. Chiropractors, midwives, postpartum, pregnancy and childbirth are just a few of the topics covered on the BIRTHFIT podcast.

2. Birthful

If there is one way for listeners to describe Birthful, it would be “all about midwives” because almost anything you would want to know about midwives, you’ll hear on this podcast at one time or another. It tells you what it takes to be a midwife; the different types of midwives; where they provide their most care; certification information and how they differ from an OB. They also offer postpartum preparation courses as well as some evidence-based courses that are as fun as they are educational. This podcast also offers valuable information for those who aspire to become midwives but still have some questions about the career.

3. Progressive Parenting

Progressive Parenting is a podcast provided by Gena Kirby, a professional who strives to provide parents and soon-to-be parents with all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding nurse midwives and pregnancy in general. Listeners hear interviews with midwives, doctor, nurses and authors. Topics covered include divorce in the family, controlling moods before and after pregnancy, how to gain self-confidence as parents, breastfeeding, complications in pregnancy, delivering at home and post-delivery care.

4. Doing it at Home

This weekly podcast is described as a raw and honest show that covers everything from pre-pregnancy to post-delivery and everything in between. It’s provided by a couple that made the huge decision to go from traditional hospital birth to an at-home birth and the challenges involved in switching from an OBGYN to a nurse midwife. In addition to discussions on the fears of using at-home births, Doing it at Home offers many resources to help parents decide which birthing option works best for them. Topics covered include home birth, intimacy while pregnant, preparing for pregnancy and tons more information.

5. Student Midwives Association of Canada

The Student Midwives Association of Canada (SMAC) is an organization of aspiring midwives enrolled in midwife programs all across the country. In addition to being a newly-formed group, it’s also a very popular podcast made by students all sharing their learning experiences and looking for new knowledge. They cover a variety of pregnancy-related topics while also asking and answering questions of each other. Like many other podcasts, the SMAC podcast is available on Androids, iPhones and similar mobile devices.

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Certified nurse midwives continue to be very much in demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth of 31% for these APRNs during the 2016-2026 decade. Like most medical professionals, certified nurse midwives are continually learning and staying abreast of the latest medical news. Podcasts for certified nurse midwives are not only entertaining but can also act as an important method of continuing education.