5 Benefits of Fraternities and Sororities

If you are thinking about going to college, you probably have a lot of questions. One question might be whether or not you should try to join a sorority or fraternity. Even though you might have seen and heard about fraternities and sororities on television and in movies, you should know that these depictions often aren’t very accurate in regards to these organizations. In fact, Greek organizations can have a lot of benefits for college students. These are a few reasons why you may want to think about joining one.

1. Making Friends

Sixty-nine percent of first-year college students report feeling “homesick.” Many people miss their parents, their friends and all of their old activities. It can be tough to settle in when you aren’t making many friends, but joining a Greek organization can be a great way for you to meet people and make lifelong friends with like-minded college students who are just like you.

2. You Can Help Others

Philanthropy is a big part of Greek life, particularly among certain fraternities and sororities. If making a difference for the others around you is important to you, and if you want to part in charitable work, joining a Greek organization can be a great way to do so. Not only does it allow you to participate in philanthropy while you are in college, but it can instill a lifelong habit of doing charitable work.

3. Focus on Your Studies

Many people do not realize it based off of the stigma that fraternities and sororities often carry, but the truth is that Greek organizations take academics very seriously. Many of these organizations offer special resources for those who are a part of their sororities and fraternities, such as scholarship opportunities to help you pay for your education, tutors who will work with you to help you with your studies and more.

4. Get Accustomed to Being a Leader

If you stay in your fraternity or sorority beyond the first year, you can move up in leadership positions and can help with running various parts of your organization. This can help teach you skills that you might not be able to learn in any other way while you are in college. For example, you can learn how to become a leader, how to coordinate activities and more. It’s a great way to get used to being a leader, which can surely help you in other ways in your life after you graduate. For example, you just might find that all of the leadership that you participated in while in your Greek organization will help you have the skills that you need for a management position when you start your after-graduation job hunt.

5. Enjoy Lots of Social Events

There are always social events going on in your average sorority or fraternity. If you want to be able to celebrate various events that are going on on campus, holidays and more in style, participating in a Greek organization is a great way to do so. Many people find that their favorite part of being in a Greek organization is participating in the dances, barbecues and other activities.

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As you can see, if you are a college student or if you are planning on enrolling in college, you might not want to pass up the idea of joining a fraternity or sorority just yet. Instead, consider looking into some of the organizations on your campus with these benefits in mind, and you might find a sorority or fraternity that will be right for you.