What Types of Journalism is Best Suited for History Majors?

There are many opportunities to work in journalism for history majors that may be interested in doing so. As so simply yet effectively stated by the American Historical Association, “today, as the means of communication multiply, the opportunities for the involvement of historians in communicating interpretations of the past also multiply”. Want to know more about the numerous opportunities in journalism for history majors? Here are just a few examples of the many instances in which this is possible.


Becoming a reporter, or journalist, is entirely possible for today’s history major. As a history major, one is inherently inclined in the areas of critical thinking and investigation, effective writing and literature, diverse research approaches, and an ultimate drive to search for the truth. These skills are also highly coveted in the daily duties of the effective journalist. In many cases, simply majoring in history will not single-handedly open such doors, and may often require some side studies in journalism directly. In other instances though, this major and other proofs of ability may be sufficient for the hiring publication company.

Documentary Editor

Documentaries represent an important slice of the journalistic and media realms. Those schooled in history make for the perfect editors within such endeavors. Historical documentaries are rich with info and claims needing historian approval and verification. In addition, documentaries of non-historical subject may still rely on many historic facts and figures for establishment of the overall message and facts being purveyed. History majors fit quite fluidly into this realm of work.


Another great application with which the history major may exercise their particular knowledge is through writing. Also helpful here is the fact that today’s options in the writing arena are virtually limitless. They may write a book on their own analyzing an era or event, or write theoretical proposals on alternate endings had certain historic events gone differently. Or possibly write for a company by assignment or even freelance. The options here are many, and a history grad is often aligned to do quite well here should they desire to follow the writing path.

Travel/Tourism Publications

The world is full of destinations and organized events that involve history either directly or indirectly. The various providers of such events and points of interest quite commonly call on the services of internal or external history gurus for the purpose of creating publications to represent these places and happenings. A preserved tourism destination crucial to the Civil War for example may regularly produce publications regarding the destination’s offerings and attributed historic facts. The many diverse historic faires that take place throughout the United States each year also quite frequently require the expertise of the history expert in providing publications and other media to patrons as well as the public.

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Surprisingly to some, there are in fact many careers in journalism-related work that truly do rely on the knowledge and abilities of graduates such as history majors. The above venues are just a few examples of the many opportunities that are available in this area. For more career guidance and ideas regarding opportunities in journalism for history majors as well as a number of other vocational routes history majors may be suited to, visit the American Historical Association’s resource guide on the matter.